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"Cold Case" by Julia Platt Leonard; Aladdin; $15.99.

This intriguing mystery is set in Santa Fe, N.M., and revolves around the Los Alamos Nuclear Facility there. Thirteen-year-old Oz Keiller helps out at the restaurant run by his older brother and his mother. He arrives for work one morning to find a dead body inside. Before he knows it, his brother has been arrested, and Oz, who never knew his father, is shocked to discover that his father had been accused of selling secrets from the Los Alamos Nuclear Facility. What's worse, the murder victim is the reporter who wrote that long ago story.

This is a first novel and the author does a pretty good job creating suspense as Oz and his friend Rusty (a girl) work to figure out who really committed the murder.

-- Jean Westmoore



Show some school spirit with this team pin. We found the directions at Spirit-Pin-From-DecoArt, but changed them a bit for our use.

Supplies you will need:

*DecoArt Patio paints in your school colors.

*Ultra Fine black tip permanent marker.

*Tacky glue.

*Grosgrain or scrapbooking ribbons, about six 1-inch lengths of each in four complementary colors.

*Wood oval, about 2 by 3 inches.

*1 small wooden star.

*1 pin back.

*Paint one side of the oval and the edge one color and set aside to dry.

*Paint one side and the edges of the star a different color and set aside to dry.

*Cut the ribbons into equal-length strips.

When the oval is dry, start laying the ribbons, overlapping them onto the back of the oval. When you like your design, begin gluing the ribbons to the back of the oval.

Turn the oval over and press it down on your work surface, (we used a piece of wax paper) until it dries.

Glue the dried, red star to the side of the oval, using the photo for placement, then draw stitching lines around the outside edge of the star.

Draw your school's name on the front, or the name of your school's mascot, such as panthers, bulldogs or warriors, and write "Go, Team" along with it.

When all the glue is dry, turn the oval over and glue a pin back to the upper center of the back side.

-- McClatchy Newspapers

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