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Trivia Quiz

1. Identify the first planned capital city of any country in the world. It was planned in the latter 1700s.

2. Ancient Romans built a series of aqueducts to bring water to Rome. By what method did the water get to Rome?

3. Where was President Abraham Lincoln assassinated?

4. Granite is composed largely of two elements, collectively called "sial." What are they?

5. Toward what part of a flame should one aim a fire extinguisher?

6. The disease "hobnail liver" refers to liver in what condition?

7. Who led about 10,000 Normans and adventurers in the Battle of Hastings about nine centuries ago?

8. What unit of measurement in the metric system is 39.37 inches long?

9. The Gambia River flows into the Atlantic Ocean from which continent?

10. In a nursery rhyme, what line precedes "I smell the blood of an Englishman?"



1. Washington, D.C. It began with an area of 100 square miles but is now about two-thirds that size because of land returned to Virginia.

2. By gravity.

3. Ford's Theater in Washington.

4. Silicon and aluminum.

5. The base or source of the flame.

6. Advanced stages of cirrhosis.

7. William, Duke of Normandy, who was to become William I of England. The battle occurred in 1066.

8. Meter.

9. Africa.

10. "Fee, fi, fo, fum."

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