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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County Clerk's Office for the week ending Aug. 19.


Lower Mountain Road, Warren D. Greig; Joan B. Greig to Michael E. Plant, $164,000.

Lower Mountain Road, Robert D. Moore; Kristi M. Moore to Paul Thomas Wanchick; Carol A. Wanchick, $129,500.

Ridge Road, Robert Love; Carol Love; Linda Connell to Judith Bailey, $121,900.

Fair Court East, Theodore F. Patti; Roberta A. Patti to Christine G. Lanaway, $76,000.



Ridge Road, Jeffrey M. Russell; Diane M. Russell to Cornelous N. O'Connor, $21,000.



Highest price: $278,000

Average price: $190,338

Median price: $176,850

Number of Sales:8

Autumn Lane, Vincent A. Roberts; Diane M. Roberts to Angel M. Flores; Glori L. Flores, $278,000.

910 Mohawk St., Oxbow Development Corp. to W. Andrew Dannels; Joan M. Heine, $275,000.

Perry Court, Forbes A.J. Silverthorne; Julie Silverthorne to Elizabeth Cartlidge, $260,000.

Raymond Drive, Cheryl Nowocien to John R. Tedesco; Diane E. Tedesco, $200,000.

Creek Road & Hotchkiss Road, John R. Tedesco; Diane E. Tedesco to Timothy K. Suitor; Stacy A. Oshei, $153,700.

Bronson Blvd., Mary Ellen Oleary; Jeremiah Oleary to Joseph Dimino; Marguerite E. Dimino, $146,000.

954 North Hewitt Drive, Dana K. Billman; Dana K. Barone to Andrea R. Ayers, $120,000.

The Circle, Charlene Shannon; Marcia Dickinson to Jonny E. Anthony; Brian T. Anthony, $90,000.



Highest price: $1,030,000

Average price: $179,438

Median price: $65,250

Number of Sales:8

Tudor Lane, Swingle Enterprises to Pulsar Properties, $1,030,000.

Cottage St. & Genesee St., Victorian Fireside Apartments to Syndicated Properties, $131,000.

Morrow Ave., Aaron M. Hirsch; Kerri L. Hirsch to Kristin D. Eberhart, $86,000.

North Adam St., Jonie Moody to Andrew S. Krayna; Suzanne R. Flagler, $74,000.

Lock St., Daniel Conlon; David M. Wiechec; Katherine L. Wiechec; Emily K. Conlon to Diana Dorner; Timothy Dorner, $56,500.

218 Cottage St., Timothy J. Mulaniff; Pauline M. Mulaniff to Samantha Karlak, $38,000.

93 South St., Mark D. Ayers Sr. to Timkey Management, $12,000.

Walnut St. & Saxton St. & Genesee St., Dorothy M. Timkey; James M. Timkey to James J. Constantin, $8,000.



7515 Congressional Drive, Lianwei Zhong; Tao Tu to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., $173,000.

7515 Congressional Drive, Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. to Heather M. Keleher; Brian J. Keleher, $173,000.

Green Valley Lane, Donald E. Dodson; Anita L. Dodson to Sandy Zarcone; Joseph P. Zarcone, $173,000.

Tonawanda Creek Road, Erin McCarthy to Mark Clement; Erica Defisher, $139,000.

Shimer Drive, Nancy J. Richbart; Jill C. Richbart to Warren D. Greig; Joan B. Greig, $126,000.



Lake Ave., Judith Ann Weston; Angela Groth; Judy Marshall to Jean Reasonover, $160,000.

Old Wilson-Burt Road & Old West Creek Road, Mary Louise Stokes; Timothy James Markey to Jeania M. Dressler, $100,000.

Condren Road, Carolyn K. Hess; Harold T. Hess to Housing Visions Construction Co. Inc., $95,000.

Charlotteville Road, James C. Robertson; Richard J. Robertson to Frank A. Westgate; Sue A. Westgate, $40,000.



Tuscarora Road, Betty J. Hamilton to Therese A. Ginyard; Ronald R. Ginyard Jr., $147,500.



Highest price: $150,000

Average price: $74,479

Median price: $63,500

Number of Sales:12

Loretta Circle, Salvatore O. Cioffi to Gregory M. Spagnolo; Alison R. White, $150,000.

Tuscarora Road, Betty J. Hamilton to Therese A. Ginyard; Ronald R. Ginyard Jr., $147,500.

Rivershore Drive, Joseph D. Martin; Angela M. Demunda-Martin to Kimberly G. Cleveland; Michael L. Cleveland, $118,852.

Carroll Ave. & Maple Ave., Gertrude S. Collison to Tiffaney L. Gadacz, $85,000.

81st St., Joseph T. Dimino; Marguerite E. Dimino to Bruce Andrews, $82,000.

Forest Ave. & 24th St., Bruno Mercurio; Mary Ann Mercurio to Stephen Swidergal, $69,000.

3rd St. & Buffalo Ave./Unit 901, Jacqueline Bloh to Jean M. Dziewit; John J. Dziewit, $58,000.

25th St., Tadeusz R. Marzec; Robert T. Koryl to Paul C. Hedgepeth; Rebecca S. Hedgepeth, $48,000.

Linwood Ave., Gloria Baxter; Robert R. Baxter to William L. Strzelczyk, $45,000.

77th St., Thomas M. Consigli to Joseph J. Skrzypek, $44,000.

Ferry Ave., Ashwani Sharma to James A. Hood, $23,500.

Simmons Ave. & Lot 1 4/1 5 59th St., James Russ; James L. Russ; Dianna M. Quesenberry; Jerri-Lynn M. Quesenberry to Steven R. Bronschidle, $22,900.



Highest price: $161,280

Average price: $101,623

Median price: $90,852

Number of Sales:8

Christiana St., Cheryl A. Kimble; Kenneth W. Kimble to Scott F. McGloin; Jill M. Roach, $161,280.

Sweeney St., Ann Marie Hulbert; Michael J. Hulbert to Marshall Ramirez Jr.; Deborah Ramirez, $157,000.

370 Old Falls Blvd., Kevin W. Haseley Jr. to Montgomery Heating & Cooling Corp., $155,000.

Tremont St., Robert N. Brennan; David J. Miller to Amysue P. Hannon, $95,000.

Roberts Drive, Stephen Abshagen; Charles Abshagen Jr.; James J. Abshagen to Julie M. Kleinmann, $86,703.

Lindsay Place, Ronald Lachut ; Gerald Lachut; Stanley M. Lachut; Janice Tylec to Lawrence Garrison; Ilene M. Garrison, $76,000.

Niagara St., Doris Elaine Wagonblott; Norbert N. Wagonblott to Andrew J. Sajdak, $74,000.

Oliver St. & Mechanic St., Janice Grabowski to Maurice Cooper, $8,000.



Beach Ridge Road, Michael R. Duerr; Beth J. Duerr to James Meunier, $198,000.

Oakwood Drive, Sara Testa; Donald Keeton to Terri Corbelli; Daniel Kalinowski, $141,000.



Foxpoint Circle, Robert M. Wilson; Carol O. Wilson to Jason R. Orsi; Christina P. Orsi, $260,000.

Youngstown-Lockport Road, Daniel L. Sanger to Jeffrey A. Zapp, $47,500.



Wolcottsville Road, Jacqueline Worden; Jacqueline Marquardt to Mark D. Ellis, $74,200.

Mill Road, Jeremy J. Schafer to Mary Ann R. Hollenbeck; Jim L. Hollenbeck, $71,200.



Mapleton Road, Harriett G. Walters; Rae A. Konjoian to Brian A. Cebulski; Melinda A. Cebulski, $178,125.

Nash Road, Mary Jane Striewing; Curtis P. Heuer; Mark H. Heuer; Steven C. Heuer to Kimberly A. Zakrzewski; Mark A. Zakrzewski, $119,000.

Hawthorne Court, G.T. Custom Built Homes Inc. to Mary Ann Billman; William M. Billman, $50,000.

Hawthorne Court, Willow Development to G.T. Custom Built Homes Inc., $20,000.

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