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Best of Bills live / Selection of comments from

PatPat: Think Belichick was mad because he had to wear a shirt with out the sleeves cut-off -- threw off his game plan.

ChetChet: For all the talk about Ryan Fitzpatrick's ceiling as a late-blooming QB, I'm surprised I haven't heard Rich Gannon's name bandied around. He couldn't beat out Sean Salisbury in Minnesota, as I recall, before finally blooming under an offensive/QB guru (Jon Gruden).

Alex in Montreal: I am shocked, stopped watching the game at halftime and guess what? Bills fans next you can be 4-0 after taking care of Bengals, then it gets tough vs. Eagles.

RoyRoy: And BTW kudos to Fitz and the line for allowing no sacks as well.

Billy BobBilly Bob: So, who misses Lee Evans now?

JimLJimL: I think Brady is being careful with what he says. Don't forget we have to play in NE later.

Bruce Barron: Chan needs to teach how to accept prosperity real quick. Did you really have to get down 21 points before you start against two great teams? First Place with a possible 4th win on Sunday against Cincy. I recall someone predicting Buffalo going 5 and 0 early this Spring on one of the blogs. I had a dream he called it. Ha.

Robert Allen: I thought the Bills would win this one, as did Bill Cowher. The planets aligned for this game based on Fred Jackson, the Amish Rifle, Nelson, 15 defeats in a row and on and on.

The best thing in this game was the engagement of Leodis McKlelvin with the injuries to our defensive backfield we need our first round pick to step up and he did. A shout out to Chan Gailey as well, the guy is old but so was Marv Levy!

Carol Syposs: Conversation with my husband during the game:

After the first interception on Tom Brady: "Did we just intercept Brady?"

After the second interception: "Well, no matter how the game ends, I am happy, because we intercepted TOM BRADY twice!"

After the third interception: "What ?!?!?"

At the end of the game: "Am I dreaming? Did we just beat New England??" and "Was that FOUR interceptions on TOM BRADY?!"

Oh, happy day.


Bills player tweets

@DavidNelson86: That was for YOU Buffalo. You deserve it.

@shawnemerriman: I couldn't be apart of a better group of guys we billieve.

@shawnemerriman: We can't thank #Billsnation enough for being a great 12th man out there today you guys are the best

@StevieJohnson13: We know we have plenty of games to play! BUT this Win was for Truly for The City of Buffalo!.

@ajwilliams23: God is good! thank you all for keepin me in your prayers still in some pain but I'll be ok #shoutout to all the fans...

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