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Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

Bullying: One of numerous responses to the death of Jamey Rodemeyer and News staff reporter Sandra Tan's piece, "Agonizing over teen suicide," included this from Richard Furlong of Warsaw:

My heart and prayers go out to the parents of these totally innocent and beautiful children. And may we teach our children, by example, that embracing and accepting others, including those who may be "different," is absolutely necessary for the well being and mental health of us all. Peace, peace be with you Jamey and Joe.


Mystery donor: In response to a $40 million anonymous donation to the University at Buffalo Medical School by a physician who bequeathed the gift to his alma mater, Elaine Sinibaldi of East Aurora wrote:

That was one of the most sincere acts of faith I have ever heard of. Hopefully UB Medical School will be able to take on more of its own alumni, to be students. I know many who have tried to get into UB Medical School, and this would clearly be a steppingstone to not only the students' future but to Buffalo's also. This gentleman certainly deserves to be honored.


Allegany State Park: Following an article by News Albany Bureau Chief Tom Precious, "Cottages, attractions sought for Allegany," Jerome Ruffner of San Francisco, Calif., recalled:

I grew up fishing, camping and hiking there and generally enjoying the park. It has always been a magical place for me and, not long ago, I brought my kids for a visit (we live on the West Coast). While there were some changes, we still enjoyed many of the things I remembered -- the Redwood area museum, the Stone Tower, swimming in the lakes, seeing fireflys at night, etc. Geocaching was a welcome addition but turning over the park to private concessionaires what a shame. This article reminded me of a Tom Toles cartoon I saw a few years back. It showed a worker standing in front of a big Allegany State Park sign. He was saying, "I know the meaning of this sign." The next panel showed a huge parking lot after all of the trees were cut down. New York State should include that cartoon in future park brochures, right next to the photos of the zip line and private cottages.


Buffalo Bills: The team's stunning comeback against the Oakland Raiders prompted a slew of comments following an article by News sports reporter Mark Gaughan, including this from Lenny Moskal of Smithfield, Va.:

Great comeback and a great game! It's fantastic to hear all the great things about our team again from all the major networks. Feels like the [Marv] Levy, [Jim] Kelly days when we were never out of the game until the final gun. I know this is just the beginning and 8-8 would be fantastic, but it is nice to have hope again. Go Bills!! Beat the Patsies.


Mark Bapst of Greensboro, N.C., added:

I have been negative on this Bills team in the past. I was there for so many games in the past 40 years. Good and bad. I really want the Bills to be competitive and now they are! It's exciting again to watch the Bills. Love football. Love the Bills! Let's go Buffalo, and never give up. I don't think Coach [Chan] Gailey will, and I don't think the players he coaches will, and I know the Buffalo fans never will give up on their beloved Bills!


Charles Trzcinka of Bloomington, Ind., summed:

The Bills are great to watch here in Bloomington, Ind. This was a spectacular offensive performance against a very good Raiders team. [Ryan] Fitzpatrick and crew were superb. Still, I hope the defense can step it up. The Pats are around the corner and look formidable. Next week Ralph Wilson Stadium should be a Patriot graveyard.

(The Bills would have no trouble with the local Bill Polian team, which has fallen apart without [Peyton] Manning.)