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Trivia Quiz

1. Name the capital of Malaysia.

2. Is the gestation period longer for a deer or horse?

3. What body of water is overlooked by Mount Vernon, home and place of burial of George Washington?

4. More than 20 centuries ago, Lao-tse wrote a book that contained the basis for what present-day religion?

5. To perennate is to

6. What is the usual name for stock exchange memberships?

7. How much larger than a quart is a liter?

8. What is the medical specialty of an osteopath?

9. "Running hand" refers to what kind of handwriting?

10. Bernadette Soubirous is known by what name in the Roman Catholic Church?



1. Kuala Lumpur.

2. Horse, 11 months to less than seven months for a deer.

3. Potomac River.

4. Taoism, which has most of its following in China and other areas of Asia.

5. Endure, survive or continue from year to year.

6. Seats.

7. A liter is 33.8 ounces, and a liquid quart is 32 ounces. A dry quart, however, is about one-tenth larger than a liter.

8. Bones.

9. One in which the letters are slanted and close together.

10. Saint Bernadette.

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