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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County clerk's office for the week ending July 22.


Lower Mountain Road, Bonnie R. Gifford to Thomas John Richau; Lauren K. Jones, $25,000.



Ridge Road, Lawrence M. Minter; Kathleen A. Minter to Kala Marie Spalding; Kyle P. Spalding, $189,000.

North St. & Seneca St., Lori Janese to Carla Fasso, $170,000.

1133 Saunders Settlement Road, Ronald C. Wells to Andrew P. Pappal; Belinda M. Pappal, $150,000.



Highest price: $115,000

Average price: $62,591

Median price: $52,000

Number of Sales:9

40 Gaffney Road, Judith Ann Kelley to Charlene R. Logan, $115,000.

Massachusetts St., Deborah Gallagher; Greta E. Shuart to Lindsay M. Depp, $91,340.

Minard St., Donna S. Tabone; Joseph D. Tabone to Gary R. Gauda, $82,979.

Minard St., Linda H. Zyne; David E. Zyne to Andrew A. Learn, $75,000.

Park Ave., Gerard Lieggi to John P. Briggs Jr., $52,000.

Olcott St., Jeffrey R. Kowalski to Michael Daigler, $49,000.

Eisenhower Drive, Russell Francis Potter; Susan I. Potter to Robert Miller Construction Inc., $42,000.

Charlotte St., Mary Lou Niver; Mary Lewis Niver; Mary L. Niver; William A. Niver to Nicholas Schumacher, $33,000.

Niagara St., Derek Ostrom to Timothy Skura, $23,000.



6534 Emily Lane, Andres Arroyo; Lisa A. Arroyo to Christopher S. Lowry; Sarah L. Lowry, $195,000.

Heritage Point South, Michael W. Moore; Patricia J. Moore to Kimberly L. Lavigne; Roland J. Lavigne III, $195,000.

Lincoln Ave., Danielle K. Carter; Ryan B. Carter to Jessica R. Bowers, $176,500.

Marion Ave., Julie L. Sammarco to Joshua J. Wendt, $155,000.

Old Beattie Road, Amanda J. Cummings; Shawn C. Cummings to Karen T. Healy, $120,500.



Charlotteville Road, Richard J. Robertson; James C. Robertson to Donald L. Cleveland; Sharon E. Cleveland, $5,000.



Woodside Place, Stanley Robert Kasprzak; Sally Ann Raisig; Edwin W. Kasprzak to Stanley Robert Kasprzak, $65,900.

Savannah St., Lori J. Hall; John H. Hall Jr. to Carl E. Hall, $55,000.



Highest price: $180,000

Average price: $56,140

Median price: $37,750

Number of Sales:10

Buffalo Ave. & 65th St., Heritage Adult Homes of Western New York Inc. to Jai Devi Inc., $180,000.

Griffon Ave., Isabel Caterina; Vincent A. Caterina to Kathleen P. Price, $112,500.

Woodside Place, Stanley Robert Kasprzak; Sally Ann Raisig; Edwin W. Kasprzak to Stanley Robert Kasprzak, $65,900.

Savannah St., Lori J. Hall; John H. Hall Jr. to Carl E. Hall, $55,000.

2216 & 2218 Falls St., Lorraine Sobczyk; Jessie Stempien; Matthew S. Stempien to Lisa Marie Grucza; John Grucza, $39,000.

Riverside Condo/Unit C-1, Baljit S. Moogna to Equity Trust Co., $36,500.

Valle Drive, Riverside Condo/Unit A-4, Baljit S. Moonga; Satwinder K. Moonga to Equity Trust Co., $36,500.

5th St., Emmanuel Balakumar to Ralph T. Pescrillo, $15,000.

19th St., John C. Colucci to Nida Sahar Ali, $14,000.

Main St. & Elmwood Ave., Debora Krieger to Emery J. Simon, $7,000.



Highest price: $191,500

Average price: $99,606

Median price: $90,000

Number of Sales:9

Meadow Drive, Daniel J. Kancar; Joseph F. Winter to Arthur M. Kuczmanski, $191,500.

Meadow Drive South, Rebecca L. Hawley to Mary C. White; Russell T. White Jr., $139,500.

Zimmerman St., Becky A. O'Connor; Becky A. Anderson to Amy L. May, $110,240.

Treichler St., Thomas M. Mialkowski to Matthew W. Nalbone; Dena M. Nalbone, $94,000.

Wheatfield St., Amy L. Zulick; Amy L. Boxhorn to Julie Gordon, $90,000.

Linwood Ave., Jennifer Zatkos; Jennifer Keil; William Zatkos to James D. Lemke, $84,000.

Shartle Place, Marina J. Putzak; George J. Baker to Amber Soldwisch, $81,514.

Leah Drive, Marta Koetzle; Marta R. Nickel; Marta E. Nickel; Alan E. Koetzle Jr. to Travis J. Buchanan, $65,700.

71 Brentwood Drive, Ingeborg Cudzilo; Antonie Ruday; Antonie Litmer to Daniel J. Cudzilo; Ingeborg A. Cudzilo, $40,000.



Bear Ridge Road, Leona Pastwik; Joseph A. Pastwik to Michael R. Corp, $138,500.



Carrollwood Drive, Eugene P. Lunghofer; Barbara A. Lunghofer to Betty Jane Vandenbosch, $150,520.

Oak St., Joyce M. Novak; Joseph J. Novak to Stacy J. Aldred, $74,200.



Freeman Ave., Tammie L. Washak; Ronald E. Washak Jr.; Tammie L. Luckman to Dina M. Leonard, $77,500.

East Ave., Stephen C. Crowe to Allen M. Griffith, $68,000.

Mountain Road, Norma Z. Wollenberg; Bryan K. Wollenberg to Christopher A. Mang; Barbara A. Mang, $25,000.



Quaker Road, Janice M. Rider to Bethany E. McGrath, $75,000.



Rock Dove Lane, W. Maxwell Coykendall; Pauline Earla Simonson to Johnathan T. Eaton, $195,800.

Alder Creek Drive Villas at Alder Creek/Unit 2741 Creek View Court, Rosal Construction Co. Inc. to Kathleen Lapp; Douglas G. Lapp, $188,500.

Shawnee Road, Ronald G. Borom; Jeannette C. Kobiolka; Jeannette C. Borom to Michael S. Kanouff, $85,000.

44 Skylark Lane, DS of Wheatfield to Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc., $31,900.

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