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Host owes apology to ailing guests

Dear Abby: I was at a party where guests were exposed to salmonella that was on one of the vegetables served as an appetizer. At least 11 people were affected by it. The hosts talked to only one or two of the people who were affected. Some of us were concerned that the hosts didn't contact everyone and warn them of what had happened.

Don't you think they had a responsibility to contact all their guests and advise them of the problem, and even express concern and apologies?

-- Sick in California

Dear Sick: Yes, I do. A responsible host would not only call to advise the guests and apologize to anyone who was affected, but also contact the manager of the store at which the vegetables were purchased. If the store isn't put on notice, it can't prevent other customers from buying contaminated produce.

Now that you know how little consideration your hosts had for the welfare of their guests, reconsider accepting another of their dinner invitations.


Getting dumped, moving on

Dear Abby: I recently got out of a two-year relationship. He broke up with me without explanation. I'm not over him and it still hurts, but at the same time I am starting to have feelings for someone else. The problem is I'm afraid he's just the "rebound" guy. What should I do?

-- Ready to Move On in Ohio

Dear Ready to Move On: You're still healing -- and being attracted to someone other than the man who dumped you shows you are progressing. That's a good sign. Rather than worry about whether this relationship will be "for keeps," take it a step at a time. Enjoy his company, let him enjoy yours, and be thankful the romance that didn't work out didn't take up more of your time. A person -- male or female -- who would end a two-year relationship the way your ex-boyfriend did wasn't worth much in the first place.

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