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Letters / Our readers speak out

If they could, fans would fire owner

It appears it's "Groundhog Day" again in Buffalo. The Bills have traded their best receiver, angered their starting running back causing dissension in the locker room, have refused to get any help for their pathetic offensive line and have demoted their starting left tackle just before the regular season, mimicking Dick Jauron's release of our starting left tackle in 2009. And all of this while staying way under the salary cap. I see the owner involved in all of this.

How long will it be before Western New Yorkers realize how they are being taken by their team's absentee landlord? Ralph Wilson is a greedy owner who could care less about the fans he is bilking. We've had maybe 10 good seasons. If fans could fire an owner Wilson would have been gone in the 1970s.

Probably the greatest injustice of all was to put this cheapskate who might be the worst owner in all of sports into the Hall of Fame. He runs the most dysfunctional franchise in the league and refuses to guarantee a local buyer for the team when he's gone. And don't tell me he's kept the franchise in Buffalo all these years as if it were a losing proposition. He owns one of the most valuable franchises in all of sports, and the worst thing of all is that Western New York fans deserve so much better!

John W. Kowalski



Where was the effort to obtain Vick?

So this is what rooting for the Bills has come to? Blaming Roger Goodell for steering Michael Vick to the Philadelphia Eagles? What another great excuse for perhaps the most inept front office in the entire sports world. Does anyone remember the Bills making any kind of statement saying they were interested in bringing Vick in? Perhaps if Russ Brandon, or Ralph Wilson, had made a public statement that they were interested in bringing in Vick and letting him start then maybe blaming Goodell would have some credence.

Bucky Gleason's claim that there are "grounds for suspicion" is almost comical. Here's what's suspicious -- the Bills are currently almost 30 million dollars under the salary cap (which they are not obligated to reach for the next two years). This has nothing to do with being a small market team getting bullied. They made no effort, at least publicly, to get Vick. And in actuality, Vick going to the Eagles worked out best for him and the NFL.

Anthony Pasceri



New unis can't hide Bills' weaknesses

Do clothes make the man? Of course not, and neither do new uniforms. The Bills still need a quarterback; except for center, this line stinks. Jackson is a good runner, C.J. Spiller still has not learned that it's one cut and go, he's a dancer. Tight end, where? Evans had limits, but he could still catch the ball. The best sure-handed receiver is Roosevelt, and he's slow. On defense we have Darius, Barnett and possibly Batten. The Bills still have no pass rush, the middle is wide open and the cornerbacks and safeties are overrated. So, where are we? It feels like 5-11. Just good enough to have no chance for Luck. The pain is not receding and hope is not in sight.

James Furcoat



Bills need to sign quality blue-chippers

When will Bills fans finally wake up? My guess is never. The same poor product is put on the field year after year. The same poor players are just recycled to play different positions on the team. The Bills brass say the same thing every year. Gailey said the offensive line is much better. Did he see the Denver game? The bottom line is under Ralph Wilson the team is headed nowhere. Money will not be spent on quality blue-chip players to improve the lines. Denver brought in Warren. New England, Haynesworth and other top tier players. We had no signings except Barnett, a second-tier player at best. The people of WNY should boycott the games, not attend them.

Daniel Botzko



Sabres fans warned, don't set hopes high

Don't count your chickens before they're hatched.

I know Mr. Pegula is trying to build the Buffalo Sabres a serious Stanley Cup contender, but haven't we all been down this road before only to be let down by the players, the coaches and questionable referee calls?

How many times must Buffalo fans be fooled and let down by their sports teams? They build up your hope thinking this will be the year to win it all, only to vastly disappoint all of us. I for one won't believe in anything unless I see it happen.

James Ziolkowski



Lack of coverage for race criticized

How could the News completely neglect coverage of the Alabama Stakes in Saratoga? There were local connections as well as the horse race being one of the top races of the meet. And yet The News' Sports Department continues using daily space to publish the directions to the Bills' training camp.

George Kunz



Ehrmann books make inspirational reading

I have just finished reading what I consider a tremendous book, one that should be read by all coaches, in all sports, from little league to the pros. It is "inside out coaching" by Joe Ehrmann, named "the most important coach in America" by Parade Magazine.

It is a perfect compliment to another book about Joe: "Season of Life" by Jeffrey Marx.

His openness, integrity, and honesty are apparent in his writing of some difficult issues in his personal and family life.

Joe, a former Riverside High School All-High, Syracuse University All-American, and pro football star, has changed his life completely and shares with us his dedication to his values and ideas.

He should be an inspiration to us all.

Jim Yeates Sr.


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