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Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

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Jerry Sullivan: The News sports columnist's Aug. 24 piece, "Jackson paying price for Nix error," was met with several comments, including this from Richard Kawalerski of Buffalo:

Look, (Fred) Jackson is obviously a talented back. Spiller has talent but needs to improve considerably. Why not just used Jackson for the next two years and put (C.J.) Spiller in on situations for him to gain experience and prove his worth. By the time Jackson's two years are up you will know where Spiller stands. Forget trying to prove the value of your draft pick. Do what's best for the team. And by all means stop playing musical chairs with your linemen. No wonder there's no cohesion. Good or bad these guys need time to gel. They don't know where they are going to be tomorrow, let alone next week for the game.

Frank Daddario of Akron added:

I rather see (Buddy) Nix admit that he made a mistake than lose are best player on offense. Will it happen? Probably not, but just keep Spiller on the bench till someone needs a running back than dump him. Question, is the same scout who recommend Spiller the same guy who wanted (Aaron) Maybin? Maybe we should get rid of that guy.

* * *

Statler: In a response to News staff reporter Mark Sommer's article on progress at the historic Statler Towers, Philip Carr of Calgary wrote:

This is a wonderful story. When I lived in Toronto and had season tickets to the Sabres, my love affair with Buffalo helped persuade my friend Dwight to get season tickets to the Bills. One memorable Sunday we went to the Bills game in the afternoon, had dinner at the Statler and went to the Sabres game in the evening! How long ago? Well, O.J. Simpson was playing for the Bills. (I still have the program!) Best of luck, Mr. Croce, and I will hope to see the finished product next time I get to Buffalo for a Sabres game.

Jamie Rozek of Buffalo added:

This is a really great story, and I'm very excited about this restoration. I can't wait to see it!

I had my high school prom in the building 20 years ago, and even then despite how worn the building had gotten, it was still beautiful inside. I can't wait to see it the way it was meant to be seen.

It seems like (developer Mark) Croce is bringing the right type of business in there, too. Restaurants, clubs, bakeries, etc. will all cater to the people that use the building, and the people that work around it. There are thousands of people working in City Hall, the courthouses and the various buildings within walking distance. If he keeps doing things right, as someone else on here said, the place will be a gold mine.

* * *

Bruce Andriatch: Reaction to the News columnist's piece on garbage totes coming to Lockport was mixed with enthusiasm and caution, including this from Denis Everest of Buffalo:

I can only speak of Buffalo's program:

1. Don't overfill!!! I did a lot of gardening (weeds, dirt, etc) the same week that I had extra kitty litter. The tote was too heavy and was left behind. I had to dump it, store half & distribute it over the next three weeks. BTW the more the recycle box is used, the lighter the trash tote.

2. My neighbor has a small tote that is smaller than a traditional trash can (the fee is cheaper too).

3. There are exemptions, but you must apply

4. In winter, I leave the tote in my plowed driveway; rather than the usual spot along the grass strip. Pulling in/out is a wee bit more cumbersome but a LOT less work than lifting it up onto a three-foot mound of snow.

Barbara Lipa of Elma responded positively:

The totes are marvelous. I lived for a while in a community where there were many elderly . so much better to be able to take the garbage to the street . and over all in general so much easier to handle taking care of trash during the week. The only con is it is a way to reduce the number of garbage handlers on a route, cuts down on another job and does not necessarily mean a cheaper garbage bill either. Still we loved the totes.