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> Band on the run

Dozynki, the Polish harvest festival at Corpus Christi Church, almost had it all. T-shirts saying "Shut Up and Polka." Huge 32-ounce beers for $5. And Kremowka, a delirious creamy cake hyped as "Pope John Paul II's favorite dessert during his papacy." (What was his favorite before his papacy, Twinkies?) All that was missing were Those Idiots. An organizer told us the hip polka band now charges an unaffordable $7,000. Get out, Buzz thought. A polka band gets $7,000 a gig? We contacted the band through its website (still blaring "Celebrate Dyngus Day 2010 with Those Idiots") and heard from Myron Deputat, who signed himself "Head Idiot." Though he didn't answer our $7,000 question, he said no one from Dozynki had approached them. His surprisingly formal email said, in part: "There are many more aspects to Those Idiots which are misunderstood, and go unnoticed." Um ... duh?

> Wild pitch

Baseball players tend to be a taciturn lot, so we admire the oratory of Bisons pitcher Miguel Batista, discussing his old age this week with The News' Ryan Marfurt. "A lot of people say, 'Well, you're 40 years old,'" Batista said. "I say, 'Well, Moses was 70 when he started the exodus, Abraham was 90 when he started the Jewish nation and Chopin played the piano like nobody when he was 90. Why does age matter?' " Unfortunately Chopin died of tuberculosis at 39, so at 90 he did play the piano, well, like nobody. But whatever, Batista is in the ballpark.

> Whiff of trouble

Tuesday's earthquake had Buffalonians rumbling about whether pets can predict danger. Yes, they can! But it depends on the pet. Last week a buddy, bicycling through Ellicott Creek Park, saw a young couple arriving with two big golden retrievers and a small white poodle. The retrievers went bounding down to the creek and leaped happily in. The poodle ran behind them to the water's edge. Then he sniffed the water, turned up his nose and walked back up the embankment. Got to love poodles and their finicky natures. It's a wonder any of them put up with us.

> the buzz

Get 'em while they're young! Scanning Twitter, Buzz read: "The other day a little boy, probably 3 or 4 yrs old, walking past with his dad kept repeating, 'Hurt in a car, call William Mattar.'" It was retweeted by William Mattar. ... Bravo to WNED-FM opera man Marty Wimmer, describing Puccini's "La Rondine," a tale of infidelity, cohabitation and bar hook-ups. "You think this stuff only goes on today?" Wimmer said. "I beg to differ." ... Where our minds are at: The "In the News" section of the Fox News Web site read: "1. Libya. 2. Kate Winslet. 3. Syria..."


"All I raise is hell."

-- Heard at the Clinton-Bailey Market

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