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The lure of fresh-baked fruit pies

Sandra Tuck would like you to drive up to Youngstown and try her pies.

They're peach pies at the moment, most of them. Tuck's father is Glenn Sanger, the fifth-generation farmer heading Sanger Farms, and peaches are one of their strengths.

After decades of hauling her farm's bounty to markets, Tuck would like to see if customers will come calling.

"Every other year, since I was 16 and old enough to drive a truck, I've been going to market, all over the place," Tuck said. "This year I just want to stay on the farm and let people come to me. It's a lot less stressful."

She charges $10 for a 9-inch peach pie, and the fruit couldn't be fresher. "I know it's a long drive," Tuck said, "but I think it'll be worth it."

Are you the head baker?

"I'm the farmer's daughter. That means I'm everything."

How many pies do you bake?

"In the summer, of course, it's more, and we have festivals this time of year. For the Lewiston Art Festival I [made] a couple hundred pies, it's a two-day festival. This week, for here at the barn, 50."

You bake apple pies right through Christmas?

"We have apples all year, usually. After Christmas it drops down. But you have to keep baking pies to keep warm, every day."

Are the first peaches a happy sight after all the apples?

"I just love peach season. Because it's summer. Apples are year-round, you're sorting them when it's cold and dreary. But the summer is what I love, and I love everything that's ripe in the summer."

Besides peach, what pies have you made?

"I've made raspberry-peach and blueberry-peach, but they're not that popular. I think people like to stay with one fruit."

How do you decide what to make?

"I go by what sells. If I make something and it doesn't sell, I go on to something else."

What didn't work?

"Healthy cookies. My friend brought me a recipe, with whole wheat, a great idea. I gave out samples, and people said, 'They're nice.' Do you want to buy some? 'No, I'll have the chocolate chip.' "

You are focusing on getting people out to the farm?

"We're one mile from Fort Niagara, and next to Four Mile Creek Campground, so we get a lot of tourists coming. I love summer because you get people who just drop by and say, 'This is pretty cool.' It's so nice hearing that travelers love Youngstown, because I love it, but I've never been anywhere else."

Then you lay a peach pie on them, and blow their minds?

"I'm sure I do, because people come back. Once they find out about Youngstown, they come back."


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