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Trivia Quiz

1. Loch Ness in Scotland is in what kind of body of water?

2. What is the cause of a trophic ulcer?

3. Name the capital of Louisiana.

4. A mascot supposedly brings what?

5. On what river is the German city of Cologne?

6. Identify the current and immediate past Chief Justice of the United States.

7. With what meat is mint jelly frequently served?

8. Name the singer who popularized the song "Makin' Whoopee," by Gus Kahn.

9. What is the minimum age for a female horse to be called a mare?

10. Where in England was the Magna Carta signed by King John?



1. It's a freshwater lake, 23 miles long and with a depth of 754 feet.

2. Inadequate nutrition.

3. Baton Rouge.

4. Good luck.

5. Rhine River.

6. The present Chief Justice is John G. Roberts Jr. He succeeded William H. Rehnquist.

7. Lamb.

8. Eddie Cantor.

9. Five years.

10. Runnymede, in 1215.

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