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Find words in the following that can be eliminated without changing the meaning of the sentence. Go!

(1) When Jason got inside of the house, he ate dinner while watching the evening news.

The newscaster was talking about a pet monkey that had disappeared. (2) "No one knows where the little guy went to," he said, looking concerned. "If you see little Remy, please call the number on your screen."

Several hours later, a woman called. "Hi," she said, "I just saw that missing monkey. (3) I met up with him while I was taking groceries out of my car. He scampered off, but I'm sure he was the chimp you're looking for."

(4) "Where is your house at?" asked the newsroom assistant who'd taken the call.

(5) "I'm at Pine and Crye, right off of the thruway."

(6) "Fine," said the assistant. "In the event that you see the monkey again, please call."

(7) & (8) "Should the time come when I see him, I'll be sure to advise you of the matter," said the woman.



(1) When Jason got inside the house (you don't need "of")

(2) " -- where the little guy went" (forget "to")

(3) "I met him" (get rid of "up with")

(4) "Where is your house?" (dump " -- at?")

(5) -- "right off the thruway" (not "off of")

(6) " If -- (drop "In the event that -- ")

(7) "If -- ." (instead of "Should the time comewhen -- .")

(8) "I'll call" ( ditch "I'll be sure to advise you of the matter.")

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