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Job seekers turn to vocational school, a closer look at the unemployed and learning the basics of budgeting

From Business Today:


Many in the latest wave of job-seekers are turning to vocational schools rather than traditional universities as they gather new skills to bring back to the work force.

Some are seeking a job that is a better fit than the one they left, others feel having hands-on skills will give them more security and stability in a volatile employment market.


The News took a closer look at a few of the 45,000 people in the Buffalo Niagara region who are out of work.

Among them are a woman looking for a full-time banking or paralegal job for five years, an electrical engineer willing to drive a forklift and a laid off vice-president of a Rochester-based business school, who has made networking a full-time vocation since she lost her job.


From MoneySmart:


Budgeting is the key to financial success, no matter what your income or debt. You're better off if you can learn it before you get yourself in financial trouble. But if you've already made mistakes, good planning can help you dig yourself out of the hole. Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Buffalo has been teaching people how to get out of debt for years. It recently launched a program that will teach the financial basics to consumers who aren't (yet) in a dire situation.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

 The Silhouettes make it sound so easy:


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