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Power Rankings / Mike Harrington ranks the MLB teams from top to bottom

(Through Thursday night's games, last week in parentheses)

1 Philadelphia Phillies. First to 80 wins, with 100 on the radar. (1)

2 New York Yankees. I protest Girardi's lack of a protest on HR in KC. (3)

3 Boston Red Sox. Shocking slump by their bats. (2)

4 Atlanta Braves. Firm grip on wild card. See them in October. Again. (4)

5 Milwaukee Brewers. Bad omen for October: Still 10 games under .500 on the road. (5)

6 Texas Rangers. Young at .342. Guess it was a good idea to keep him. (6)

7 Arizona Diamondbacks. Stunned Halladay with rally in the ninth. (7)

8 Tampa Bay Rays. Too bad they didn't pitch like this all year. (10)

9 San Francisco Giants. If Blackbeard is blowing saves, he goes from colorful to buffoon. (8)

10 St. Louis Cardinals. Albert's 465-footer on ESPN was epic. (12)

11 Detroit Tigers. Pretty funny they had no idea they were setting up Teufel vs. Teufel. (11)

12 Los Angeles Angels. Trumbo's walkoff blast keeps them within range of Rangers. (9)

13 Cleveland Indians. Masterson gets No. 10 with key win in Chicago. (13)

14 Toronto Blue Jays. Three-hit shutout in Oakland gives Romero his 12th. (14)

15 Chicago White Sox. Hanging around, even though they're still below .500. (16)

16 New York Mets. With Izzy getting 300th save, Parnell moves into closer's role. (15)

17 Cincinnati Reds. Defending Central champs are officially chumps. (17)

18 Pittsburgh Pirates. It's all about getting to 81 wins now. It won't be easy. (18)

19 Washington Nationals. Bad week for megaprospects: Strasburg lit up, Harper hurts hammy. (20)

20 Florida Marlins. Too many tweets land Morrison back in minors despite 17 HRs. (19)

21 Colorado Rockies. Immediate release was right response to ex-Bison Jacobs' HGH suspension. (21)

22 Los Angeles Dodgers. Kershaw (15-5), Kemp managing huge years through the chaos. (23)

23 Oakland Athletics. Bitter battle to stay out of cellar with M's. Yawn. (22)

24 San Diego Padres. "Hells Bells" will open Hoffman's No. 51 retirement ceremony today. (24)

25 Minnesota Twins. Great tribute to Thome when they got back to Target Field. (26)

26 Chicago Cubs. Like the response to Big Z. He's ridiculous. (25)

27 Seattle Mariners. Scary sight as Wells takes Morrow fastball to the schnozz. (27)

28 Kansas City Royals. How about a normal fence without all these goofy railings? How about painting a yellow line? Bring back the fountains. (28)

29 Baltimore Orioles. I really have to say something about them every week? (29)

30 Houston Astros. See Orioles. (30)