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Letters / Our readers speak out

Evans deal looks like a cost-cutter

Lee Evans, a former first-round draft pick, traded for a fourth-round pick. And he happens to be the highest paid Bills player.

Tell me we are really trying to field a winning team and not just trying to save more money for Ralph Wilson. Someone please try and convince me.

Bills fans, you are being hoodwinked. They won't get a cent out of me.

Bill McCarthy

West Seneca


Not enough return in trading Evans

Trading away wide receiver Lee Evans has left me and many other Bills fans speechless. It is numbing to realize the Bills got virtually nothing in return. It's like trading a mint condition Corvette in exchange for possibly getting your lawn mowed next summer.

Compounding the situation is the fact that without Evans, opposing defenses will be able to concentrate more on Stevie Johnson. Frankly, I do not believe Buddy Nix is smarter than a fifth-grader.

Philip Brunskill



Evans deal shifts offensive emphasis

If you're wondering what the Bills were thinking when they shipped off Lee Evans to Baltimore for a bag of footballs, go no further than the day they signed Brad Smith, Mr. Versatile, from the New York Jets.

This move should have given you a good indication that the offensive emphasis this year was going to be on a more diversified, run-oriented offense devoid of the long ball, the only real strength Evans provided for the Bills.

He was not known as one who would go over the middle in traffic and make the tough catch. He was the "burner" who stretched the defense, something that Baltimore was sorely lacking and as it will probably turn out, Buffalo will not utilize all that much this year.

I can see the "wildcat" scheme with Smith leading the charge as a common occurrence this year intermixed with the short dink and dunk-type passes to the young wide receivers and the running backs.

It may not be exciting but with a seemingly stronger defense contributing to keeping the scores down, could be the way to go to get us to the .500 mark. Progress yes, playoffs no.

Dale Slisz



Pegula should fire Regier and Ruff

I find it rather amusing how people are giving Darcy Regier so much credit for what's happened this offseason. Do you really believe that after all these years he's finally developed good hockey sense? Spare me. He's the same old Darcy, but now he's got real hockey people running the show.

Sorry but this guy has got to go and as far as I'm concerned he can take Lindy Ruff with him. Mr. Pegula should have wiped the slate clean. It's a shame that he let Rick Dudley slip through his fingers.

Dan Chudy



When Cup is won, hand it to Pegula

I have lived in Buffalo 50-plus years. I have watched a slowly built waterfront lose Bass Pro and hotels to foolishness, greed and corruption. I have seen a school system that is run by incompetent people and the building of a bridge that I'm still hoping to see someday before I die.

However, we in Buffalo have Terry Pegula. He has Gilbert Perreault as his hero and I have him as mine. Give Mr. Pegula the key to the city, and let him show the others how to rebuild our city's image. He has come in and said that he is going to win multiple Stanley Cups with our Buffalo Sabres and I for one know he will.

We in Buffalo have dealt with a lot in sports, too -- No Goal, Wide Right and our lost Braves. We have a football team that relies on money from Toronto, not to get by, but to add to the stack of millions that Ralph Wilson already has.

Terry says forget the money, I have that. Win me the Stanley Cup.

I will just sit back and watch as Terry heads towards his Stanley Cup goal and Buffalo's to finally be a winner in a major sport.

Players, I have one request. When you do win the Cup, I ask that you bring down to the ice your owner and hand the Stanley Cup to him. That tearful man who absolutely loves your sport will hold it higher than any other, because he carries all of Buffalo in its overflowing top.

Robert Lee



411 All-Star organizer thanks supporters

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone involved in making the ninth annual 411 All-Star Weekend a huge success.

Sincere thanks to: Buffalo Urban League, New Era, the mayor's office, Buffalo Public Schools, City Honors School, Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo, Delevan-Moselle Community Center, AdPro Sports, F/X Graphics, Thruway Bowling Lanes and Harvest Hills Golf Course. With your support, we have been able to expand our vision and look to the future with a specific goal and an expectation of having a positive impact on the community we all cherish.

Each year, as this event continues to grow, there are more things we want to accomplish through it. This year, the dialogue at each event, especially at New Era, created a spark to dive deeper into the community and look for ways to have a lasting impact on our youth. The challenge we now face is to turn that spark into a continued collaborative mission to serve young people in Western New York.

Every community is filled with those who wish to make a difference but aren't sure how to do so. My aim is for the 411 Brand programs to serve as a vehicle for those people in search of an opportunity to contribute their talents and share their passion of steering young people toward success.

Thank you to each and every athlete and volunteer who donated their time and energy to making this event an overwhelming success. A special thanks to Al Parker for his tireless effort.

We look forward to celebrating our 10th year anniversary of the 411 All-Star Weekend with you in August 2012.

John Thomas


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