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Cutting power thwarts suicide in subway

NEW YORK (AP) -- A subway clerk thwarted a suicide attempt at his Manhattan station by cutting the power to the tracks as a train approached.

Marty Goodman tells the New York Daily News that he raced from his booth early Friday morning when a man jumped from the subway platform.

The 62-year-old agent said he tried to persuade the man to climb back up off the tracks, but had to act fast when he heard an announcement that a train was one station away.

Goodman found a power shutoff in the tunnel and threw the switch. Police and firefighters were on the scene shortly and took the distraught man to a hospital.

"It looks like Mr. Goodman did everything he was supposed to do in terms of activating the alarm," said Kevin Ortiz, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Transit Authority.



Topless model draws crowd in Times Square

NEW YORK (AP) -- Times Square used to be known for its seedy peep shows.

Skin was on display again Friday, but this time in the name of art.

Painter Andy Golub caused a stir when he had a 23-year-old model undress and began slathering paint on her body.

Going topless in the city is legal for women, but the New York Post reports that police stepped in to ask Golub to do something about the large crowd.

The woman put on a sports bra, and Golub kept painting.

It was his second try at putting on the performance. He was charged with public lewdness in July after having two models take off all their clothes. He avoided trouble this time by having model Marla Mera wear a G-string.



N-plant operating after lightning strike

NEW YORK (AP) -- Officials at the Indian Point nuclear plant north of New York City say it is operating normally again after a lightning strike disabled one of the plant's three outside power sources for about an hour.

Spokesman Jerry Nappi says the lightning Friday night hit an electrical switchyard across the street from the plant in Buchanan, just south of Peekskill.

Backup generators kicked in, but operators reduced power at one unit to about 70 percent as a precaution.

The plant's other unit was not affected.

Indian Point Energy Center generates electricity for homes, businesses and public facilities in the city and Westchester County.



Ex-fugitive charged with $1 million scam

CENTRAL ISLIP (AP) -- A California man who escaped from prison is charged with scamming a New York company out of $1 million while he was on the run.

Federal prosecutors on Long Island tell Newsday that Richard Lagerveld was charged Friday with escape and fraud.

Catching up with the 52-year-old convict took two years. They found him last May in Sacramento.

The law school graduate had been serving a 10-year-sentence for stealing $9 million from two Long Island companies through a scheme that involved claiming legal settlements for nonexistent plaintiffs.

The new charges involve one of the same companies.

Lagerveld disappeared from a bus taking him from one prison to another while traveling unescorted as part of a program for low-risk inmates.