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Pullover pattern has a hoodie option

Dear Vicki: I know it is still summer, but I need a pattern for a hoodie top, but I don't want it to zip. I just know I will mess up with a long zipper going up the front.

So can you find one for me that has pockets but just pulls over my head? Thanks for the help.

-- Caroline M.

Dear Caroline: Kwik Sew 3847 is exactly what you want.

It also comes with a view that has a round neck without the hoodie.

I tell you this because I always like a pattern that has several views, because once I have fitted the pattern to me, I like to be able to use it for more than just one look.


Dear Readers: My mother, Eunice Farmer, is still the greatest, so here is an answer from one of her old columns that is still very relevant today. The question was: When I do hemming by hand, I always see an indentation of the stitches from the right side. I take tiny stitches, and they still show. What am I doing wrong?

Here is Eunice's answer:

You are making the same mistake that many sewers make: pulling the stitches too tight. Always keep your thread loose while doing handwork, and the stitches will give with the movement of your fabric and will be much less likely to show through. Also, practice with finer needles. It may take time to learn to handle these, but fine needles will certainly improve the quality of your handwork.

This week's tip is from Patsy Austin, of St. Amant, La. She writes:

"If you have a variety of machine needles (i.e., wing needle, stretch, jeans and different sizes), store them in a seven-day pill box. Use acetone to erase the days of the week from the lids and write the size needle with a felt-tip pen on the lids. This keeps all your needles in one place."