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Boogie blast

Sometimes, not messing with the formula is the proper course of action. Take the Ramones, for example. Or AC/DC. Sure, these bands made vital careers out of essentially recycling the same song, ad infinitum. But think about it. What would you change in either band's catalog? Would the Ramones have been a better band if Johnny Ramone had occasionally indulged in chord substitution? Should AC/DC have crafted a tender love ballad? Methinks not.

Same goes for George Thorogood. For 30-plus years, the Delaware bad-boy has been regurgitating John Lee Hooker-esque boogie numbers at skull-crushing volume. I submit that what Thorogood does ain't broke, and thereby, doesn't need fixin'.

Last month, Thorogood and his Destroyers released a new album. "2120 South Michigan Ave." is a paean to Chess records and the artists responsible for providing Thorogood with the artistic inspiration that has kept him going full-tilt for all these years. It also happens to have fallen beneath the production auspices of Western New York native Tom Hambridge, a Grammy winner and go-to man for the likes of Buddy Guy.

Surely, Thorogood will be offering some live renditions of this material when the band arrives at Artpark for a free show at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. Eddie Shaw will open.

-- Jeff Miers

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