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Trivia Quiz

1. If someone uses the expression "that's my cup of tea," what does that person mean?

2. "In God We Trust," which is on U.S. coins, is also the motto of which Southern State?

3. Does the dodo bird exist?

4. If bile in the gall bladder crystallizes, the result is

5. Name the capital of Latvia.

6. Is it true or false that the area of Alaska is more than double that of Texas?

7. What "valley" is the lowest point in the United States?

8. What are the three principal functions of blood in the body?

9. A fabric known as "nainsook" is made of

10. What is the principal religion in India?



1. The expression refers to a favorite activity or thing.

2. Florida.

3. No, it's extinct.

4. Gallstones.

5. Riga.

6. True. Alaska's area is more than 615,000 square miles, and that of Texas is more than 267,000 square miles.

7. Death Valley, California, which is 282 feet below sea level.

8. Blood carries food and oxygen to the cells; it takes waste from cells to body organs which remove them from the body, and it helps fight germs.

9. A lightweight cotton fabric.

10. Hindu (about 81 percent of the population).

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