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Hamburg rehires laid-off teacher as kindergarten enrollment grows

The Hamburg School District has rehired one of the elementary teachers laid off several months ago, and other staff adjustments are under consideration.

Superintendent Steven Achramovitch asked the School Board on Tuesday to approve an additional kindergarten teacher for Charlotte Avenue Elementary School, where kindergarten enrollment reached 50 students.

"Twenty-five pupils [per class] is the threshold where I ask for another teacher," he said. "During the budgeting process, we discussed class sizes of about 24 for grades one to five and 20 for kindergarten classes."

He noted that kindergarten classes are on target at Armor and Boston Valley elementary schools, with average class sizes of 18 and 19 students, respectively.

However, Union Pleasant Elementary School has edged slightly above projected class size. With 110 students currently enrolled in kindergarten there, the building has an average kindergarten class size of 22 students.

The superintendent did not request another teacher for Union Pleasant, but he said plans for a supplemental teacher to be used for that school's kindergarten classes are being considered.

In other matters, the board approved a number of administrative appointments that followed a spate of retirements earlier this summer.

Richard Jetter was named assistant superintendent of human resources and technology. Jetter is an elementary principal in the North Tonawanda School District and has served as interim and assistant principal in the Ken-Ton District.

Barbara Sporyz, currently the school business official in North Collins, will become the director of administrative services, taking over for Thomas Bagley.

Diane Haight, also of the North Collins district, was named treasurer, having filled that role for 11 years at North Collins and, prior to that, for 13 years in the Forestville district.

Gregg Davis, assistant superintendent of information services, rescinded his retirement plans and was named assistant superintendent, taking over what was formerly Mary Ellen Monafo's tasks as assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction.

In other matters, the board approved the 2011-12 tax rates with an average increase of 5.9 percent, less than the 6.1 to 6.7 percent increase estimated during budget planning.

The rates are: Hamburg, $30.80 per $1,000 assessed value; Eden, $27.23; Boston, $18.79; Orchard Park, $32.39.