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Email mimicking ticket can infect computer

ALBANY (AP) -- State police are warning about a virus-laden email that appears to be a notice of a speeding ticket.

They said Wednesday the bogus email is likely to have "Uniform Traffic Ticket" in the subject line and an attached zip file described as a ticket from the Department of Motor Vehicles that can be filled out and mailed to a local court.

Opening that attachment can infect the user's computer. State Police Sgt. Kern Svoboda said reports of the email have been coming in from across the country, starting overnight Wednesday.

He said investigators with the Computer Crime Unit haven't yet identified the type of infection carried by the email.

The email and its attachment shouldn't be opened. If they are, update and run anti-virus software.


Police seek 3 muggers who stole man's Bible

NEW YORK (AP) -- Authorities said Wednesday they are looking for three muggers who punched and kicked a Bronx man before stealing his Bible.

The NYPD said the Aug. 8 attack in Fordham Heights was captured on surveillance video.

The New York Post reported that the attackers also got away with the victim's phone, credit cards, driver's license and work ID.

The man was assaulted while returning home from the late shift cleaning midtown commercial buildings.

He was wearing a suit because he'd attended Mass earlier that day.

Residents said they're terrified of criminals who hang out at nearby subway stations and follow victims home.


Semi's wheels fly off, kill New Jersey woman

PORT CHESTER (AP) -- State police said Wednesday a driver was killed on Interstate 95 in Westchester County after two wheels flew off a tractor-trailer and crashed into her car.

Authorities said the accident Tuesday in Port Chester claimed the life of Adele Mancuso, 62, of Toms River, N.J.

Investigators told the Journal News that the truck lost its entire rear axle, with the wheels attached. The axle compartment went airborne for about 100 yards and smashed into the victim's roof and windshield.

Police said the truck driver was located Tuesday evening in New Jersey and was being questioned.

The victim's 84-year-old mother, who lives in Larchmont, N.Y., was treated for minor injuries.

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