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Letters / Our readers speak out

Good planning may help legacy

Over the past few years, I have seen numerous letters in this space regarding the Bills future in Western New York after Ralph Wilson no longer owns the team, but have not seen anyone address the issues of his legacy in this area and beyond if the Bills leave town after his passing.

Mr. Wilson. you have been a great owner for this franchise, and your list of accomplishments is long indeed. You have been our only owner, kept the team here despite what we can assume were lucrative offers to move, and are rightly in the Hall Of Fame. However, your refusal to try to arrange for the team to stay here after you are gone will forever have people view you as the man who allowed the Bills to leave, likely never to return.

However, if you submit a provision allowing for a local investor group to have first chance to purchase the Bills, people here will revere you forever, and your legend here will grow in stature.

It would be a shame to have this one issue tarnish your legend in this town, for surely this is what people here will remember you for if the Bills leave.

Tom Vilardo

Town of Niagara


When the weather outside is frightful

Perhaps I was lulled into apathy by the long NFL dispute, but I hadn't looked all that closely at the Bills' schedule until recently.

Then. upon close examination, I realized the fans got taken for a ride. As a long-time season ticket-holder (I own seven), I am used to poor scheduling, but this year is the worst.

Three home games in December. There are numerous teams in warm weather cities or have covered stadiums. So why three here? I think the NFL thinks it is interesting to watch us battle the elements. I find it miserable.

A game on Christmas Eve. It might be cute to TV viewers. But we have to drive home, thaw out and become cheery after a late season loss. Our Toronto "home" game could easily have been one of those December dates. They have a dome. I thought that was the deal.

This smacks of the last seasons of the Braves. The Bills, like the Braves, are finding ways to discourage even the most loyal fan base.

Mike Reilly



Time for Bills to open wallets

Hope springs eternal every year. We, the Buffalo Bills' dedicated fans, are wishing and hoping and praying for the playoffs. And every year our hopes are being dashed by a cheap owner. Maybe we need more praying than wishing and hoping.

All the teams in our division have improved dramatically through free agency and spending a buck. But the Bills idea is build within. My question is, into what?

Pegula knows to make a buck, you have to spend a buck. Wilson believes and knows he'll fill the stadium no matter what. But nevertheless, we will be at the stadium or watching the games on TV, cheering and screaming, rooting for our beloved Bills.

Paul DiVito



Parking plan should go away

To the genius, Russ Brandon, and the other non-informed execs who came up with the new parking rules at Ralph Wilson Stadium, thank you for taking away another Buffalo Bills tradition from us. We have different friends and families who have tailgated with us for the last 20 years, from different areas of the state. Now your brilliant idea of parking where you tell us to, and no saving spaces has killed another longtime tradition. Sounds like you want to turn our fan experience into the Rogers Centre way of no tailgating, get fans in, then get fans out mode. There's a saying, if it's not broke, don't fix it. Don't punish all your customers for a few bad ones.

Ethan Cerne

North Collins


Here's one vote for big leagues

With the recent resurgence of the Waterfront, let's strike while the iron's hot and try for a major league baseball team. The Bisons novelty has worn off and this acquisition would go a long way in showing that Buffalo's a major league city. Of course there will be doubters who say we can't afford it but it doesn't hurt to try.

Marty Farrell

West Seneca


Caddie dropped the ball here

This is for Steve Williams. Snap out of it Steve. You're a caddie. You don't hit the shots. You carry the bag for the guy who hits the shots. Adam Scott's win at Firestone was your greatest thrill?

What about the Masters in 2001 when Tiger won his fourth straight major? What about the Open at Torrey Pines he won on a bad leg? What about the $10 million you made working for Tiger? You got a real strong sense of gratitude, Steve, and also you're delusional.

Jack Spiegelman



Regier's I.Q. has gone way up

I find it interesting that many members of the Buffalo sports media and fans who criticized Buffalo Sabres general manager Darcy Regier for his lack of commitment in keeping important players and attracting others in free agency are now curiously silent concerning the many bold moves he has made this year.

A sensible analysis would be that once Regier had an owner in Terry Pegula who freed him from the monetary constraints of previous administrations, his bold and important moves show he always possessed a very astute and daring hockey mind.

I find it ludicrous when the same media people and fans have called for the removal of coach Lindy Ruff, one of the finest coaches in the NHL. I predict this will be a landmark season for the Sabres now that Regier and Ruff can finally do their jobs unencumbered by financial restrictions.

And, oh yes, not only are Mr. Regier and Mr. Ruff consummate professionals, they are fine human beings who aid to the rich fabric of the WNY community.

Ross Runfola



Kudos go out to Holland athlete

Congratulations go out to local WNY Holland Central's Candis Kapuscinski in winning the ultimate athlete award. Her excellence and strong athletic achievements of USA Today Sports Group is a great honor and along with her parents and high school have made WNY proud of her honors.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park

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