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For all the verbal ballistics and rhetorical mayhem that have accompanied Ted Nugent on his hardcore safari ride through the American popular consciousness, one fact remains indisputable -- his guitar speaks much louder than his mouth ever could.

Nugent, the indisputable "Motor City Madman," is known for his divisive political views and, for some, difficult to digest take on guns, hunting and ecological balance.

But his riffs -- mighty, meaty things that fall somewhere between Keith Richards-like strut and Billy Gibbons-esque swagger -- have perfected an indelible blend of Detroit soul, R&B and hard rock histrionics over a 40-year career that has seen the release of more than a few classics beneath his imprimatur -- among then, of course, the albums "Cat Scratch Fever," "Double Live Gonzo," "Weekend Warriors," "State of Shock" and "Scream Dream."

The Nuge plays a free show as part of Artpark's Tuesdays in the Park series beginning at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. Chakras will open. Additional information is available through

-- Jeff Miers

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