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Sand in bed, gum in hair: Ah, summer

A few of us have been remembering what it felt like to be a kid during the summertime.

Looking back, we have our own memories, of course. Those with grown children recall what they did in their younger days. And those with school-age children realize that while many things have changed, others have not.

And maybe never will. That's because, when you're a kid:

Summer is for sleep-overs. Summer sleep-overs are different than winter sleep-overs. They're more spontaneous. More flip-flops are involved.

Summer is for tossing your wet beach towel and rolled-up swimsuit in the bathtub until you're told to hang them up.

Summer is for falling asleep to the whirrr whirrr whirrr of an electric fan. It might be at home. At your grandparents' house. At a cottage.

Summer is for polishing your nails in alternating colors.

Summer is for freckles.

Summer is for mastering at least one new skill. Riding a two-wheeler. Swimming one length of the pool underwater. Standing up on water skis.

Summer is for visits to amusement parks, fairs and festivals.

Summer is for hilarious competition. Who can blow the biggest bubble? Burp the loudest? Spit watermelon seeds the farthest?

Summer is for water blasters, soakers and sprinklers.

Summer is for kicks. Ice cream flavors. Games. Music.

Summer is for listening to the sound of crickets at night.

Summer is for reading lists.

Summer is for learning to love potato salad. Or learning to hate it.

Summer is for cereal variety packs because your cousins are visiting.

Summer is for sand in the bed.

Summer is for fishing.

Summer is for piling up flip-flops by the back door -- always in odd numbers. Two oranges, two sparklies, one pink.

Summer is for slivers, stings, stubbed toes and gum in the hair.

Summer is for drive-ins and staying up late.

Summer is for swimming lessons.

Summer is for giving the dog a bath after he rolls around in something he shouldn't.

Summer is for looking at the pile of stuff you emptied out of your locker in June and still haven't unpacked.

Summer is for going to bed with wet hair.

Summer is for never really having to make your bed because it's only sheets.

Summer is for looking for shapes in clouds.

Summer is for checking the mailbox daily in August until your new fall class schedule arrives.

Summer is for listening to your parents talk about their own summers growing up.

Especially in mid-August, when it's almost over.


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