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The Buzz

Singin' in the rain

With our sunny summer, we got spoiled, and last Sunday, when storms hit, Buffalo was out of practice. Jazz at the Albright-Knox was rained out, and the scene was heartbreaking, with crowds walking around in the rain with lawn chairs, looking dazed. Across town, the Pine Grill Reunion soldiered on through intermittent showers, but the sound system boomed and popped. As sax legend Houston Person played, mishaps were dealt with in true Buffalo fashion. At one point, a techie schlepped across the stage right in front of the musicians, bearing a huge coil of wires. He should have announced, "Houston, we have a problem!" Come on, how can you resist?


That's the breaks

Awkward situation! At Premier Liquor, Buzz was reaching for one bottle when another bottle rolled down, fell and -- horrors! -- broke. Pinot grigio everywhere! A bourbon-buying biker turned and stared. Buzz didn't mind. Heck, we were staring too. We had been to Premier, what, a million times? And this had never happened! Shamefacedly, we found a staffer and 'fessed up. Well, we were happy we did. The staffer was charming and forgiving. And not only that, but the intercom squawked: "Breaker crew. Breaker crew, aisle five." Breaker crew! What an enchanting term! Wish we had one on call in our everyday life.



Where in the year are we, anyway? Back-to-school sales began in July. Last week, Buzz got an email from Michael's, blaring: "Start Your Holiday Crafting!" (They don't mean Labor Day. We checked.) And one more thing, will someone please spread the good news of the Gospel to St. John Maron? Last weekend, we passed the church, on Wehrle Drive in Amherst. Its marquee read soberly: "Have a blessed and holy Lent."


The buzz

That rock music camp at Artpark, the last week of July, did you hear it thundering and reverberating? No? We didn't, either! Simple reason: no drummers. Quoth the website, "No drummer applications can be accepted for this year's camp." ... The Bad Economy Blues: For the first time we can recall, the Pine Grill Reunion's organizers were baldly soliciting cash donations. "Any donation that you can survive," emcee Carl Buckner wheedled. "I hate to put it that way, but there it is."



"If I weren't acting, I'd be a copy editor. When it comes to grammar and spelling, I have an insane attention to detail. The they're/their/there mistake drives me bananas!"

-- Emma Stone, in InStyle.

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