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3 siblings captured following crime spree

PUEBLO, Colo. (AP) -- Three fugitive siblings accused of shooting at police in Florida when an officer tried to pull over their car for speeding and of robbing a bank in Georgia were captured Wednesday in Colorado after crashing their car into a highway barrier during a high-speed chase.

Ryan E. Dougherty, 21; Dylan D. Stanley, 26; and Lee Grace Dougherty, 29, became targets of a nationwide search after they were accused of the crime spree.

Lee Dougherty was shot in the leg after the crash when she pointed a gun at an officer, authorities said. All three were being treated for injuries in a hospital before being transferred to Pueblo County Jail.

No troopers were hurt during the 20-mile chase that at times exceeded 100 mph on Interstate 25. Shots were fired from the vehicle during the pursuit near Walsenburg, 145 miles south of Denver, officials said.

FBI Special Agent Phil Niedringhaus said the three face federal warrants in Florida and Georgia, and that Colorado charges were expected.


Army sergeant gets life term in killings

SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) -- An Army sergeant based at Fort Stewart was sentenced Wednesday to life in a military prison without parole for shooting and killing his infantry squad leader and another U.S. soldier in Iraq after they criticized his performance.

The military jury's sentence also calls for Sgt. Joseph Bozicevich, 41, of Minneapolis to be demoted to private and to receive a dishonorable discharge.

The same court-martial convicted him May 25 of premeditated murder in the slayings of Staff Sgt. Darris Dawson of Pensacola, Fla., and Sgt. Wesley Durbin of Dallas on on Sept. 14, 2008, at a patrol base outside Baghdad.

Charles Gittins, Bozicevich's defense attorney, said he accomplished his main priority by making sure Bozicevich was spared the death penalty. Under military law, premeditated murder is punishable by death but only if a military jury returns a unanimous conviction. At least one of the jurors in this case -- how many was never reported -- split with the majority when the verdict was returned.


Jury recommends death for slayings

CLEVELAND (AP) -- Jurors who convicted a man of killing 11 women and leaving the remains in his home and yard said the words of the women who escaped his house of horrors helped persuade them to recommend the death penalty.

Anthony Sowell, 51, was convicted last month of aggravated murder and dozens of other counts in the 11 deaths and three other sexual assaults. The same jury deliberated for less than a day before deciding Wednesday to recommend execution by lethal injection over life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The final decision will be up to Judge Dick Ambrose, who will impose the sentence Friday. He is permitted to reduce a death penalty sentence to life without parole.

Relatives of the victims seated in the court sobbed quietly and hugged each other as the jury's recommendation was announced.


Rover reaches rim of crater on Mars

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- NASA's surviving Mars rover Opportunity has reached the rim of a 14-mile-wide crater where the robot will examine rocks older than any it has seen in its seven years on the red planet, scientists said Wednesday.

The solar-powered, six-wheel rover arrived at Endeavour crater after driving 13 miles from a smaller crater named Victoria.

The drive, which took nearly three years, culminated Tuesday, when Opportunity signaled it had arrived at the location dubbed Spirit Point in honor of the rover's twin, which fell silent last year.

Opportunity and Spirit landed on opposite sides of Mars in 2004 and used their instruments to discover geologic evidence that the cold and dusty planet was once wet.

Craters can provide windows into the planet's past because layers of material from long-ago eras are exposed. Endeavour crater is more than 25 times wider than Victoria.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration said the plan calls for driving a bit closer to the rim to take pictures of the oldest rocks seen by Opportunity.