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Trivia Quiz

1. Name the two countries between Thailand and Vietnam.

2. Identify the aircraft maker that built the Constellation, pioneer of regular trans-Atlantic air service after World War II.

3. What is the science of eugenics?

4. Who was the heaviest United States president?

5. "Ombre" is from the French "ombrer" and Latin "umbrare" and means

6. The part of a sewing machine that holds the cloth steady is known as the head or foot?

7. How many pennies equal $50,000?

8. Only one of the five Great Lakes is entirely within the United States. Which lake?

9. The first U.S. astronaut to orbit Earth, in 1962, returned to space in 1998 aboard a shuttle. Name him.

10. "The Yellow Kid" was the forerunner of what aspect of modern-day newspapers?



1. Laos and Cambodia.

2. Lockheed.

3. Improvement of the human species by control of hereditary factors in mating.

4. William Howard Taft, who was 6 feet tall and weighed probably more than 300 pounds.

5. To shade, or a color graduated in tone.

6. Foot.

7. Five million.

8. Lake Michigan.

9. John Glenn.

10. Comic strips.

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