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Trivia Quiz

1. Who had the role of Granny Clampett on the comedy TV show "The Beverly Hillbillies"?

2. Where is Seton Hall University?

3. Is Uruguay a member of the United Nations?

4. Police headquarters in London, England, is known as

5. Does the fox have a narrow or bushy tail?

6. What is the most abundant gas in stars?

7. What is a South American cowboy called?

8. What is the "Old World"?

9. What is biophysics?

10. What city has the oldest stock exchange in the world?



1. Irene Ryan.

2. South Orange, N.J.

3. Yes, since the initial year of 1945.

4. New Scotland Yard.

5. Bushy.

6. Hydrogen.

7. Gaucho.

8. The name is used for the Eastern Hemisphere -- Europe, Asia and Africa, but more specifically it refers to European culture and customs.

9. Physics of biological processes.

10. Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. That city's stock exchange was founded in 1602.

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