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Isles' days on the island are numbered

Islanders owner Charles Wang must have been off his rocker if he thought Nassau County taxpayers would come to the rescue of his dilapidated arena and sorry hockey team. In case he hasn't noticed, it's not the best time to be asking for help on a $440 million project.

People have grown tired of digging into their pockets for professional sports franchises when they can't put gasoline in the car. All he needed to do was check the crowds in Nassau Coliseum, the biggest dump in the league.

Wang's latest move was knocking on doors in Suffolk County to see if officials there would be interested in giving him a break. He spoke with them for about five minutes, which meant he stayed four minutes past his welcome.

By the looks of things, the Islanders will have little choice but to leave Long Island when their lease expires in 2015. Look for them to set up shop in another outpost desperate for hockey. You know the possibilities: Kansas City, Las Vegas, Portland and Quebec City.

My money is on Canada. Quebec City has been getting its act in order, especially with the resurgence of the Canadian dollar. The NHL is tired of experimenting with U.S. towns that have either failed (see: Atlanta, Kansas City) or have little long-term staying power (see: Vegas).

*The Yankees' eight-game winning streak while Alex Rodriguez recovered from knee surgery was impressive, but they could be vulnerable in the playoffs. A.J. Burnett hasn't won a start since June 29, and Bartolo Colon has dropped six of his last 10 decisions. With the Red Sox feasting on horse CC Sabathia, the Yanks are fortunate they have heavy bats and sound middle relievers who can relay leads to Mariano Rivera.

*Shea Weber's $7.5 million arbitration award gives some idea how much money it would cost the Sabres to lock Tyler Myers into a long-term deal. Weber is the best defenseman in the NHL, with apologies to Nicklas Lidstrom.

Myers isn't going to get Weber money, but you can expect him to collect about $6 million a year when his contract expires after the upcoming season. The smart play would be getting his deal completed before or early in the season before he gains more leverage. A five-year deal for $30 million makes sense for a young franchise defenseman who could become their captain.

*Thank goodness Deion Sanders in his Hall of Fame speech admitted that his Prime Time act was contrived to make him more money. Otherwise, nobody would have solved that mystery.

*I've been trying to convince myself that the PGA Tour was fine without Tigers Woods, but the truth is I paid much more attention to the World Golf Championship at Firestone because he was back on the course. By the way, suggestions that Rory McIlroy can fill the void with his charming personality and potential are ridiculous. Like him or not, nobody captures our attention like Tiger.

*Let me know when the NBA lockout is over. On second thought, don't bother. Re-runs of classic Celtics-Lakers battles with Larry Bird and Magic Johnson are infinitely more entertaining than any NBA game you see these days even though I know how they turn out.

*It's good to hear the Bills hinting how a full season with Ryan Fitzpatrick and another year under Chan Gailey should make them better. I doubt the Patriots and Jets are losing sleep at night over the Bills. Has it dawned on anyone that other teams will be more equipped to stop them? Prediction: 6-10.

*Dale Earnhardt Jr. has climbed into the Race for the Chase, which hardly justifies the money he rakes from merchandise and endorsements. Junior seems like a good guy, but nobody in professional sports pockets more and accomplishes less than he does.


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