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Saleh leaves hospital in Saudi Arabia

SANA, Yemen (AP) -- Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has left a hospital in Saudi Arabia more than two months after being severely wounded in an attack on his palace compound in Sana, Yemen's state news agency said Sunday.

A Yemeni government official said that Saleh, who was badly burned in the June 3 blast, has officially asked Saudi authorities to return to Yemen, accompanied by a medical team. Saleh's request appears to have been turned down at least temporarily, the official said.

Saleh was discharged from the hospital in the Saudi capital of Riyadh and moved to a government residence in the city to further recuperate, Yemen's official SABA news agency said.


Hamas, Fatah reach accord to end impasse

CAIRO (AP) -- Representatives of rival Palestinian movements Fatah and Hamas say they have agreed on measures to end an impasse in reconciliation talks.

The groups, which run rival governments in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, pledged in May to form a joint government to prepare for elections. Those efforts stalled because of disagreements, including over who would be the prime minister. They agreed during talks in Cairo to a mutual prisoner release. Each side has been rounding up supporters of its rival.

Izzat Rashaq, a top Hamas member, said Sunday all detainees will be released before the end of the holy month of Ramadan in about three weeks.


Shanghai loses power after typhoon hits

BEIJING (AP) -- A typhoon blew down power lines and billboards in the Chinese financial hub of Shanghai on Sunday and aimed at a northeast port city where beaches were closed and sandbags were piled on the waterfront.

High waters and heavy surf already were battering Qingdao's coastline as Typhoon Muifa hugged China's eastern seaboard, weakening as it approached the industrial port city. Muifa was expected to make landfall as a severe tropical storm this morning near Qingdao, home to 7 million people and the Chinese navy's north sea fleet.

Evacuations were ordered for 600,000 people, including in Shandong province surrounding Qingdao and points to the south. About 20,000 Shandong fishing boats were ordered into port and some were lifted out of the water for safety.

As Muifa skirted the coast, strong winds caused damage in Shanghai, and a 24-year-old swimmer went missing in heavy surf.