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Hairdresser needs to cut sex talk

Dear Abby: I am a weekly client at an upscale hair salon. I and most of the other customers are over 65. The owner, "Valentino," is a 50ish widower who likes to brag about his romantic conquests. My friends and I agree that his revelations are inappropriate and unprofessional.

Val is an excellent hairdresser. Should we ignore his behavior, or quit cold turkey and live with bad hair days?

-- Embarrassed in the Big Easy

Dear Embarrassed: I have a better idea. Take Valentino aside and tell him privately, as a friend, that hearing the details of his sex life is embarrassing, and that some of his clients have mentioned they're considering changing hairdressers because of it. That should "snip" it.


Let go of this one

Dear Abby: A close, longtime family friend recently passed. In order to relieve some of the pressure on the deceased's family, I volunteered my time and money to organize the reception following the funeral.

There was a lot of food left over, much of it food that I had provided. We offered the leftovers to the family and they took some, but not all of it. I assumed that what was left of my food would go to me and my family, but others (some of whom provided nothing) decided to pack it up for themselves. Am I wrong to feel cheated out of food that I purchased?

-- Ticked Off in Massachusetts

Dear Ticked Off: I understand your frustration, but please don't waste your time fuming. The people who took the leftovers without first checking to see who had brought or donated the food probably needed it more than you. These are difficult times, so let it go.

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