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1. Harold "Red" Grange was a star football player. Identify either the university or professional team for which he played.

2. Name the parent and child who had a popular recording of "Somethin' Stupid" in the latter 1960s.

3. Marianne, a young woman dressed in red, white and blue is a symbol of what country?

4. According to the Old Testament, Jacob wrestled with an angel and changed his name to . .T.

5. Ferns do not reproduce by seed. How do they reproduce?

6. In what year was the Russian revolution when the communists took power?

7. Two blue-eyed parents will produce children with what eye color?

8. What president gave the first presidential address telecast from the White House?

9. Major League Baseball is also known as what kind of "leagues" baseball?

10. Where is the American Museum of Natural History?



1. University of Illinois and Chicago Bears.

2. Frank and Nancy Sinatra.

3. France. Marianne was named for a secret society that was established during the Second Empire to restore the Republic.

4. Israel.

5. Spores.

6. The revolution was in 1917.

7. Also blue.

8. President Harry Truman, in 1947.

9. "Big."

10. New York City.

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