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Ah, garden walks. The xeric grass! The weeping gingko! The live forever! (That's a plant. Notes the grower, "The live forever has been in my family for over 30 years.") The trouble was, on the Parkside Garden Walk, it's easy to miss the actual flowers, you're so busy admiring the booklet. Got to love the honesty: "The herb garden is an attempt to eat well." "This perennial bed was my solution to not wanting to cut the grass every week." And the creativity: "A hodgepodge of plants bought from clearance racks and transplanted from friends." "Casual mix of perennials, weeds and antiques." And finally: "You can use the same description that was in last year's booklet," writes one gardener. And it was printed!


Big love

Maybe it's "The Book of Mormon" yukking it up on Broadway, but these Latter-Day Saints are developing quite the sense of humor. Last weekend, the Chautauqua Institution opened its season with the 360-voice-strong Mormon Tabernacle Choir and its orchestra. First the massive group did an African song accompanied with tight dance steps on the risers. "See," the announcer said, "we can move." He then mentioned many choir and orchestra members are married to one another. Would everyone married to a colleague stand up? A crowd stood up and then, amid cheers, sat down. The announcer noted: "If you counted quickly, you should have gotten an even number." There were a few laughs. He smiled. "I'll give you a minute," he said.



Maggie, server at E.B. Green's, loves Grace Potter, and Thursday, when Potter was headlining Thursday at the Square, she Tweeted: "Oh, my gosh, [I'm] waiting on Grace Potter. She's not only pretty, she's nice." Aw! But Potter only had eyes for Jackie Jocko, at the piano. Shyly, she approached him. "She said, 'I want your autograph,'" Jocko reported later. "I said, 'Honey, I don't know who you are.' She said, 'I'm playing piano in the Square. I'm Grace Potter." Potter asked to have her picture taken with Jocko. Hours later, he was still beaming. "She kissed me," he gloated. "I was singing things to her. I sang 'You Are Too Beautiful.' I said, 'You're a Gemini.' She said, 'How did you know?' I said, 'There are big things for you on the horizon.'"


The buzz

It made Buzz laugh in delight, the big pink Niagara Fallsview Casino Metro bus. It's like the Great Pink Sea Snail in "Dr. Doolittle." ... Time rushes on: Tim Russert's "Big Russ and Me," Bill Clinton's "My Life" and "The Da Vinci Code" have all been seen at garage sales. A Chris Lee campaign sign, already a piece of nostalgia, was priced $2. ...

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