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Gift ideas are naughty and nice

Dear Readers: Recently, I received a letter from a young woman who had been invited to a friend's lingerie shower. "Bringing a Blender in Montana" was uncomfortable with the idea of purchasing intimate apparel for the bride-to-be, so I suggested she bring a "high-necked flannel nightgown." When I asked you readers to offer other gift suggestions, you responded with an avalanche of terrific responses. Thanks to all for your clever suggestions. Read on:

Dear Abby: One of the most unique bridal shower gifts I received was a set of pillowcases. Both cases had one side that read "YES" in big red letters. The reverse side of the bride's case said, "Not tonight, I have a headache." The other side of the groom's case read, "I have the aspirin."

-- Pillow Talk 26 Years Later


Dear Abby: "Bringing" could give her friend a set of cooking spices to "keep the spice in their marriage." The card should read: "Let your fantasies go wild when you have the 'thyme!' "

-- Spice Girl in Stockton, Calif.


Dear Abby: For my granddaughter's lingerie shower, I gave her a generous check, a pair of men's dress socks and a note saying the socks were to replace the ones she'd knock off him when he saw her in one of her beautiful nightgowns. It elicited many chuckles from the guests.

-- Still Knockin' His Socks Off


Dear Abby: I was given a gift basket, which included body lotion, bath salts, candles, chocolates and a romantic DVD. I enjoyed the gift basket more than the lingerie.

-- Judy in Rawlins, Wyom.


Dear Abby: We had a "useful utensil party" for my future sister-in-law. I gave her a nutcracker.

-- Debbie in Albion, Calif.


Dear Abby: When I attended my granddaughter's bridal shower, I wrapped some fig leaves with her gift and joked about her wearing them in case her closet ran short. She responded with, "Gramma!" It surprised her, but it brought a lot of laughs.

-- Gramma on the West Coast


Dear Abby: Lovely camisoles or slips, special mesh bags for washing fine items, scented lingerie detergent or pretty new slippers are all acceptable and appreciated gifts for starting married life.

-- Dianne in Carlisle, Penn.

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