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1. The term "El Nino" refers to very strong ocean currents accompanied by heavy rain. What is the English translation of El Nino?

2. What was the entertainment name of Sara Colley?

3. Matthew Brady was a noted photographer of what war?

4. The highest waterfall is Angel Falls, in what country?

5. Where in England did King John sign the Magna Cara in 1215?

6. To what does the Biblical Deluge refer?

7. In railroading, what is a grade crossing?

8. Is it true or false that a lama is a South American animal related to the camel?

9. Name the doctor in the "Buck Rogers" comic strip.

10. Eddie Calvert had only one big-hit recording, an instrumental. What is the title and the instrument played by Calvert?



1. The words are Spanish for "the Christ Child."

2. Minnie Pearl.

3. U.S. Civil War.

4. Venezuela. It has a single drop of just over half a mile and a total fall of 3,212 feet.

5. Runnymede.

6. The great flood of Noah's time.

7. A place where a railroad intersects another railroad or roadway on the same level.

8. False. A lama is a priest or monk in Lamaism. A llama is a South American animal related to the camel.

9. Dr. Huer.

10. "O Mein Papa," played on a trumpet.