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Village set for test of rules on traffic; Frampton concert tonight expected to draw big crowd

New parking and traffic rules appear to be working as the village prepares today for one of it's biggest concert nights this season: Peter Frampton will perform his entire "Frampton Comes Alive!" album starting at 6:30 p.m. during Tuesday in the Park at Artpark.

The Town and Village boards met in joint session Monday night and discussed police presence during the popular Tuesday night concerts.

Former Lewiston Police Chief Ronald Winkley, now a Town Board member, said all 10 department police cars are in service in the village on Tuesday nights.

Hundreds of motorists are now using the new Seneca Street exit, which allows traffic to exit directly from Artpark's upper lot onto the Robert Moses Parkway, Artpark President George Osborne told The Buffalo News.

Parking is now prohibited on Fourth Street, which becomes a one-way street leading all cars out of the park after concerts.

"The traffic was out of here very quickly [the last couple of weeks]. It worked," Osborne said.

"There was no backup on Center Street."

Lewiston Police Commissioner Al Soluri said that all three police commissioners, himself from the village and two more from the town, were out patrolling with police on the first Tuesday night and "liked what they were seeing."

"I want to make sure that what we designed this winter [for traffic patterns] and parking restrictions was working out," he said.

"There are still some problems on the side streets, and about 15 cars parked on Fourth Street last week, but they were all ticketed."

Lewiston officers have been getting fantastic cooperation from all area police agencies which are helping to patrol on Tuesdays and enforce village codes.

"We had 21 arrests the first week and 44 arrests the second week, [including arrests] for open containers, indecent exposure for urinating in public, and for driving while intoxicated," Soluri said.

"We don't mind [concert-goers] coming down, but we have to be concerned for the residents," he said, "and the residents seem much happier this year, so it's working."

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