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1. In baseball, how many runners have to be on base in order to have a triple play?

2. What are the two groups that include all living things?

3. How much is the distance between the sun and Earth, to the nearest million miles? Come within 10 million miles.

4. What was the first name of painter "Grandma" Moses?

5. Gifts of what kind are appropriate for a 15th wedding anniversary?

6. On what continent is Guyana? Its capital is Georgetown.

7. Tokay refers to what fruit?

8. What is the New York Stock Exchange symbol for shares of AT&T?

9. Who invented the bifocal lens, in 1780?

10. One end of the Oregon Trail ended at the Columbia River in Oregon. Identify the river at the other end.



1. At least two.

2. Animal and vegetable.

3. Ninety-three million miles.

4. Anna. Her full name was Anna Mary Moses.

5. Those consisting of crystal. A modern version is watches.

6. South America.

7. Grapes.

8. The single letter "T."

9. Benjamin Franklin.

10. Missouri River, in Missouri.

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