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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County Clerk's Office for the week ending May 20.


Saunders Settlement Road, Jeffrey P. Hodges; Karla M. Hodges to Susan Weir Tritto; Ronald J. Tritto, $99,900.

Comstock Road, Peter J. Schmitt; Carol M. Schmitt to Robert J. Krull; Keri A. Krull, $36,000.



Quaker Road, Wade B. Todd to Duane Roberts, $5,000.



Ridge Road, H & B Enterprises Llc to 1707 Ridge Road Inc., $310,000.

Onondaga St., Elizabeth A. Napier to Gene Lopresti, $160,000.

Elm Drive, Ronald Getty; Connie J. Getty to Shannon K. Fundis; William G. Fundis III, $155,000.

Calkins Road, Robert J. Shortz; Edward R. Shortz to Katherine A. Bailey, $142,553.

Saunders Settlement Road, Kenneth G. Keiper to William J. Lyle, $75,000.



181 Independence Ave., Alvin F. Fiedler; Jane A. Fiedler to Matthew S. Martinello; Krista E. Gorman, $175,000.

Hyde Park, Stephen Houseman; Megan Leaird-Koch to Douglas Zimmerman, $74,000.

Gooding St., Ellen M. Kander; Michael A. Haenle; Mark J. Haenle to Theresa Roach; Gina R. Roach; Daniel A. Roach, $60,000.

North Adam St., Nancy A. Rivera; Nancy A. Bowen to Melanie N. Zastrow, $52,500.

Park Ave., Paul L. Scheib; Elizabeth A. Scheib to Geraldine Lasage, $35,000.

Hawley St., Stonecrest Income And Opportunity Fund I Llc to Mark H. Ryan; Darlene Y. Ryan, $30,000.



6160 Tachi Drive, National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Christopher Robert Hockenberry, $93,200.



Highest price: $152,400

Average price: $67,351

Median price: $44,500

Number of Sales:13

6525 Woodside Place, Elaine Carr to David Liddle; Sarah L. Liddle, $153,400.

Wildwood Drive, Terry W. Eisenman to Jason S. Lassman; Rebecca A. Lassman, $134,000.

Mckoon Ave. & Maple Ave., Lois P. Reid; Paul H. Reid to Kelly A. Stessing; Mark F. Stessing; Mitchell J. Stessing, $113,000.

636 93rd St., Patrick J. Lum to Jeffrey D. Barron, $94,300.

Mayle Court, Jason J. Lassman; Rebecca A. Lassman to Phillip W. Mitchell, $90,500.

72nd St., Shannon K. Fundis to Pamela Dixon, $71,000.

17th St., Jean L. Russo to Stacey Smith, $44,500.

13th St., C R Jones Llc to Lisa Rowland, $36,800.

27th St., Chester Santarosa; Linda M. Santarosa-Danovskis to Ying Wei Xu, $33,000.

Fort St., Benedykt Wojnerowicz to Janette Eligino, $32,000.

Monroe Ave., Ronald Socko to Denise Plennert; Chris Plennert, $25,500.

Niagara Ave & 13th St., 1303 Niagara Avenue Trust; Alex Castellon to Michael J. Heisner, $24,568.

76th St., Shirley Ann Bernat; George M. Lindquist to Charlene Mcdonald, $23,000.



Leonhardt Ave., Keith M. Magyar; Christine G. Magyar to Jason R. Maclean, $113,500.

Sweeney St., Billy Ray Sanborn; Stanley W. Sanborn; Wayne W. Sanborn to Michael J. Tavano, $93,000.

Linwood Ave., Timothy J. Green to Stacy M. Green, $88,000.

Ruie Road, Pamela A. Shiesley to Colleen D. Pietrowski; Paul E. Pietrowski, $87,000.

Ruie Road, Jennie Dragan; Benjamin Dragan to Krystie L. Voelker, $80,000.

929 Walck Road, Manufacturers And Traders Trust Co. to Paul Brown, $21,000.



5845 Dunnigan Road, Michael A. Moran; Justine U. Moran to Shelly Geber, $166,000.

Bear Ridge Road, Michelle D. Wyant-Seelig; Roberta J. Wyant to Cheryl L. Zimmerman, $91,850.



Youngstown-Wilson Road, Rudolph Conde; Thomas Conde Jr.; Rose Marie Mcniff; Frank Conde; Angelo Conde to Mary Busch; Eugene H. Busch, $80,000.

Ransomville Road, Thomas Rockwood; Liza O. Rockwood to Pcm Real Real Estate Llc, $70,000.



9791 Lewiston Road, Erwin H. Eick; Kathleen B. Eick to Matthew J. Stern; Tamara C. Hardy, $160,000.

Slayton-Settlement Road & Root Road, Brian J. Frank to Heather Stojek; Eric A. Weiser, $41,900.

Peet St., Werner Bill Weil III to Sandra Shufelt; John E. Shufelt, $10,000.

86 South Main St., Brenda Arlene Robinson; Jason G. Robinson; Jon D. Robinson; Susan L. Robinson to Pilgrim Properties Llc, $6,914.



Carmen Road, Krista J. Snell to Rosemary Brown; Christopher A. Ames, $23,000.



Lockwood Court, Robert J. Zima; Karen M. Zima to Margo S. Hall; Dean D. Hall, $325,000.

North Canal Road, Margo S. Hall; Dean D. Hall to Lauren E. Coleman Jr., $270,000.

Raymond Road, Eric Metzger to Glenn S. Aronow; Diane E. Aronow, $230,420.

Hidden Lake Drive, Nicholas W. Kubiszyn; Elaine M. Kubiszyn to John N. Ahlstrom; Barbara M. Ahlstrom, $230,000.

Robinson Road, Barbara L. Benedict to 6393 Robinson Rd Development Llc, $200,000.

West Jackson St., Peter Lagoda; Joann C. Lagoda to Tawny R. Lamont; Randy J. Lamont, $140,000.

Beattie Ave., Douglas C. Brown; Kirk R. Brown to Jamie A. Weber; Eric S. Weber, $95,400.

Raymond Road, Donald G. Marfurt; Virginia B. Marfurt to Justin P. Quackenbush, $22,000.



6525 Woodside Place, Elaine Carr to David Liddle; Sarah L. Liddle, $153,400.

Wildwood Drive, Terry W. Eisenman to Jason S. Lassman; Rebecca A. Lassman, $134,000.

Mayle Court, Jason J. Lassman; Rebecca A. Lassman to Phillip W. Mitchell, $90,500.



Lakeside Drive & Purple Martin Lane, Sharon A. Lambert; Michael L. Lambert to Philip D. Frapwell; Joan L. Frapwell, $262,000.

Eaglechase Drive, Rosal Construction Co Inc. to Mark C. Bleecher; Tricia M. Bleecher, $219,600.

Skylark Lane, Ryan Homes Of New York; Nvr Inc. to Cathleen M. Kania; Derek B. Kania, $199,000.

Ward Road, Albert Daniel Milleville; Elizabeth W. Milleville; Jonathan D. Milleville to Matthew Ziemendorf; Amanda Ziemendorf, $115,000.

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