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Amusement park deals, an outsiders view, and energy drink campaigns...

From Business Today:

Thinking about taking the kids to an area amusement park? The parks have a variety of specials,from online ticket coupons to special evenings prices. It pays to check them out.

Sometimes it takes an outsider's perspective to point out the best things about our region. A family from New Jersey who has been lured to Western New York has plenty of good things to say about our region's attributes, from the commutes, to the housing prices, to the active entertainment scene.  It's refreshing to hear.

The energy drink business is an unusual one. The products are barely distinguishable beverages of sugar and caffeine, but they are targeted to very specific markets. Two Western New York firms are trying to muscle their way into the business using very different approaches. Vital Energy is going for the young male crowd with a funny guerrilla marketing campaign full of pranks, while Pure Energy is aiming for a more sophisticated market.

Recent area real estate transactions...

This may be the all-time greatest mon-having-a-complete-meltdown video as part of a Vital Energy drink prank. This is the thanks mom gets????


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