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Letters / Our readers speak out

Prefers school ball over pros, colleges

Give me high school football to watch over the NFL or college any day.

At least with high school football you don't have to worry or read about overpaid players whining that they don't make enough money or players getting into trouble. As for college, who knows what school scandal you will read about next.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park


Toughness is needed to capture the Cup

It looks like Vancouver and Buffalo are kissing cousins.

They both get to the house, but can not open the gate. You need tough, physical 20-goal scorers to win the cup. Buffalo doesn't have any. There might be hope in the likes of Foligno and Kassian. Sometimes it's not the skill, it's the will.

James Furcoat



McIlroy win was nice, but Tiger is missed

Tiger is still the man and he will remain the man until someone comes along to win 14 majors in 14 years, including, let's not forget, four in a row.

But this win of McIlroy's at the Open and the way he won it is a good thing. It may serve to sufficiently annoy Tiger, to provide the motivation required for him to get back into the groove -- Tiger playing like Tiger and not the chump we've been seeing in action recently. His fellow pros have lost their fear of him by far the most effective of all the weapons at his disposal. We need this man to return to form because without him at his best the tour isn't the same. It's not compelling.

Jack Spiegelman



Mankowski's humility fondly recalled

Congrats to all GBHOF Class of 2011, especially to Phil Mankowski. Phil should be remembered not only for his time with the Tigers and Mets, but also for where his skills were developed, Most Holy Redeemer and then Bishop Turner High School. Watching Phil play at both schools was something to see; the determination and ease with which he played, you could see good things ahead for him. Growing up a few years behind him, I remember how proud the neighborhood was of his talent. The best thing was that no matter how much better he was, he had the time to show other kids how the game should be played. From Schiller Park to Shea Stadium, what a story!

Jim Barrett



Blurred vision helps when watching Bills

The Buffalo Bills are so concerned with the tailgate drinking that they are shortening the lot hours. If they are so concerned how come inside the stadium gates, there are beer stands every 10 feet. Could it be to help blur our vision when we are watching the pathetic Bills?

Jean Wagner



Vancouver riot typified Canadians' behavior

The riots in Vancouver are typical of Canadian fans. Sometimes at Bills games, we stay outside and tailgate, listening to the game on the radio. Early in the game, people are ejected from the game for drunkedness. They walk down aisles of cars, kicking doors in, knocking grills over, and picking through belongings. Ninety nine percent of the time they are Canadians.

Ask security guards at the stadium and the arena, who the worst fans are, and they will tell you, it's the Canadians.

Our friends to the north can be real idiots.

Al Cerne

North Collins


Bomasuto deserved Player of the Year

There weren't many disappointments in Dunkirk High School's baseball season, but the fact Vin Bomasuto was overlooked as Western New York Player of the Year is definitely one.

Vin had the best season of anyone whether he was pitching or batting. He won four playoff games on the mound, including a three-hitter in the Far West Regional game, as Dunkirk became the only team from Section VI to advance to the state final four. Vin had a home run and a triple in the state semifinal game to finish with a .596 average and had an on-base percentage of close to .800.

This kid had to produce each and every time he stepped onto the field and he never wavered. He was a 10-game winner and was named Player of the Year in CCIAC I for the second year in a row. In his career, Vin led Dunkirk to an unprecedented four league titles in a row, including a pair of back-to-back 12-0 seasons.

You can't say we don't play any competition. We play one of the toughest nonleague schedules a Class B school can play. In my opionion our league is the toughest of the Bs.

So please, someone tell me where the Player of the Year, or anyone in the State for that matter, had a better better year than Vin Bomasuto.

Frank Jagoda

Dunkirk baseball coach


Bisons playing bad baseball

Can anyone here play this game? This is the question local baseball fans are asking about the Bisons of 2011. Everyone thought Bob Rich had put together a winning organization in the field, in contention every year for a championship.

This year has been a litany of bad pitching, mental mistakes in defense, and an inability to hang onto the ball. In addition, the manager is in over his head. Mr. Rich, clean up this mess and fire the manager.

John Poole


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