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Well-fitted T-shirt makes use of heavier knit

Dear Vicki: I am looking for a pattern to make a T-shirt that is form-fitting. I can find them in ready-to-wear, but I don't want the baggy, lightweight T-shirts that are formless leisure wear. I have a beautiful heavier weight knit, and I don't just want a tight, too-small shirt, but one that is well-fitted. Thanks for your tips and advice.

-- Connie F.

Dear Connie: I have found Kwik Sew 3843 for you. There is quite a bit of seaming, so you will be able to get well-fitted and give your serger a workout too.


Dear Vicki: I have a serging machine, and I am not using it as much as I thought I would. Here are some of the reasons: The edge that it makes is too heavy; it makes a ridge that shows through on the right side of my garments. Another thing is that I tried to use the tiny hemming function to make napkins, and my hem just tore right off the edge. Please look at my samples and tell me what, if anything, you can help me with. Thanks.

-- Liz P.

Dear Liz: I use very fine thread on my serger for this very reason. Mettler makes a thread called Metrosene for sergers that I really love because it is very thin and also doesn't throw lint all over the inside of my machine. Naturally, it costs more, but I save on servicing my machine less often because it stays cleaner.

Another answer for you is to use three threads instead of four. If you are just seam finishing with your serger, there is no reason for both needle threads. Use the right needle only for lightweight threads, and the left for wider serging on tweeds, etc. For the problem of the rolled hems peeling off, either use a longer stitch length or new needles, or have a new knife installed. They actually cause a lot of problems when they are dull.


This week's reader's tip is from Mrs. Brian Dioguardi, of Batavia, N.Y. She writes:

"When socks have holes in them, wash them and use as cleaning cloths. They fit your hand nicely and pick up the dust."

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