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Tax cap, rent control, mandate bill now out

ALBANY -- The sides have now turned over their cards: the "big ugly,'' or what some Assembly Democrats are calling the "big pretty,'' is out: property tax cap, rent control and creation of a new mandate relief council.

With unveiling of the omnibus bill and release a short while ago of the SUNY bill and chapter amendments to the gay marriage measure, all the major outstanding pieces of legislation are now hanging out there awaiting passage later tonight by the two houses.

Assembly Democrats have broken for private conference; Senate Republicans been meeting for hours behind closed doors.

The tax cap bill, by the way, sunsets on June 15, 2016. Until then, local tax levies would have a ceiling of 2 percent or the inflation rate, whichever is lower. Sixty percent of voters can approve an override. However, both houses in the past 24 hours have passed a big pension borrowing bill that critics say undermines the effect of a tax cap.

-- Tom Precious

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