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Clinton's good ideas on jobs; Former president offers 14 initiatives for putting the country back to work

Newsweek magazine recently carried former President Bill Clinton's 14 ways to attack America's jobs crisis.

There are a lot of good ideas, but we strongly agree with his first. He points out that in 1933, with the nation in the depths of the Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt authorized Harry Hopkins to manage the Civil Works Administration. That act put four million unemployed Americans to work the first month.

The result, besides the jobs for the unemployed, was schools, roads, miles of new sewers and much more.

We are amazed at the Obama administration and how blind it is to such a simple, but significant, concept.

We have 14 million people unemployed in this country. If Harry Hopkins could put four million to work in one month, Obama ought be able to find some capable people to put eight million to work in four months.

We do not know the reason, but Obama apparently is unable to learn from the successes and failures of others.

This one is a no-brainer.

Another important subject is Obama's health care plan. The majority of people in the country are against it and for good reason. It's a piece of poor legislation that is being rejected by many in the health field.

While it was poor legislation, we don't blame former Gov. Mitt Romney for trying to provide health coverage for everyone in the state of Massachusetts. His was an unprecedented effort.

We do blame Obama for not benefiting from all that was learned in Massachusetts. According to a new report by the Massachusetts attorney general, the state is still burdened by out-of-control medical costs five years into the system.

Obama and his young associates seem to be caught up in some complicated time warp, and totally unable to utilize practical, time-proven solutions to problems. They seem hell-bent to focus on overly liberal ideas and doing it their way.

As Clinton repeated in the Newsweek article, "It's the economy, stupid."

He didn't address the remark to the current administration, but he might well have.

We can only hope that Obama can come to his senses and utilize the direct, proven actions that will help the unemployed. Failing that, we hope the Republicans will put up a presidential candidate who can do the obvious.

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