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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County Clerk's Office for the week ending May 13.


Carmen Road, Bruce L. Stisser; Debra L. Stisser to Stella Marie Fulcher; John H. Fulcher, $34,000.



Oneida St. & 4th St., Ruth Karen Schoonmaker to Mark Schoonmaker; Susan Schoonmaker; Michael Schoonmaker, $73,000.

Swann Road, Benjamin M. Riggi; Anna A. Riggi to Gretchen A. Brown; Paul W. Brown, $19,000.



Walnut St., Paul A. Verklan; Barbara R. Verklan to Michael Dejohn; Jillian Dejohn, $87,500.

Carlton Place, Jennifer L. Stanley; Stephen G. Stanley; Kevin R. Bald to Kathryn M. Anderson; Stephen A. Anderson, $78,000.

High St & Beattie Ave., Sandra M. Golonka to Richard A. Robinson, $68,000.

Hyde Park, Patricia Little; Robert A. Mcdonald; Mary A. Mcdonald to Derrick M. Chase, $67,630.

Willow Ridge Condo Unit #8, Gianna Mesler; Claudio Neglia; Amelia Neglia to Dawn Bucolo; James Bucolo, $50,000.

54 Park Place, Medina Savings And Loan Association to Matthew T. Garris, $41,400.



1638 West Creek Road, Charles C. Nagel; Kristina R. Nagel to Stefanie L. Knittle; David A. Knittle, $85,000.



St. Josephs Road, Anthony L. Cicero; Denise M. Procaccini; Paulette M. Cicero-Heller to John T. Schiro; Raquel L. Johnson, $98,000.

Walnut Ave. & 25th St., Ida Massaro to Jerrica J. Davis, $57,500.

26th St., Antoniette Polito; Carmelo Primerano to Vincent A. Daniels, $45,000.

Pine Ave., John J. Mattio; Joseph W. Carosella to James J. Faso Jr., $40,000.

8228 Bollier Ave., Federal National Mortgage Association; Mae Fannie to Joseph Tomkiel, $35,250.



East Robinson St., Janeen M. Burruano; Martin J. Burruano to Timothy M. Hawkins; William E. Paul, $201,000.

Tanglewood Drive, Guat Booi Ooi; Terry D. Harris to Timothy D. Hunter; Thomas P. Mulcahy, $130,000.

Vandervoort St., Harry S. Vollmer; Karen A. Vollmer to Jolie Gendel; Scott E. Thomson, $122,000.

Esther Ave. & Nash Road, Anthony C. Matuszak; Janet C. Matuszak to Lauren A. Lamb, $65,000.

115 Goundry St., HSBC Bank to Doo Wha Sung, $37,849.



Bear Ridge Road, Janice Ellen Haas Testamentary Trust; Patricia A. Bolton; Patricia Ann Haas; Martin N. Haas to David Wasik, $169,511.

Bear Ridge Road, Martin N. Haas; Janice E. Haas to David Wasik, $71,919.

Beach Ridge Road, David R. Grabau to Corrine Marie Smith; Kenneth Terence Smith, $34,000.



Mountain Road, Donald W. Harrington to Kyle J. Brent, $42,000.

Mountain Road, Kyle J. Brent to Curtis A. Brent; Sharon A. Brent, $15,000.



Royal Parkway North, Robert A. Mcintosh to Rosemary D. Lyons; Thomas P. Lyons, $130,000.

Bowmiller Road, Howard Bingman; Sidney H. Winter to Cheryl S. Gelnett; Kenneth S. Pierpaoli, $5,000.



St. Josephs Road, Anthony L. Cicero; Denise M. Procaccini; Paulette M. Cicero-Heller to John T. Schiro; Raquel L. Johnson, $98,000.



Niagara Falls Blvd., John Mcgowan III to Richard B. Winstanley, $250,000.

Balla Drive, Keith F. Pattern; Rebecca I. Pattern to Allison A. Parker; Michael D. Parker, $242,500.

Lakeside Drive, Ryan Homes Of New York; Nvr Inc. to Matthew L. Caswell; Michelle S. Caswell, $229,085.

River Road & Williams Road, Mischa Sachs to Summit Ddl Llc, $30,000.

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