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MoneySmart links from June 20

Here are links that were included in the June 20 MoneySmart section.

Auto loan cost calculator: Click here.


Coupon websites: Click here.

Couponing 101: Click here Click here

Mommy Savers: Click here


From the savings site story: Click here. Click here. Click here. Click here. Click here. Click here. Click here. Click here.


Here are some other savings sites that weren't included in the story: Compare dentists. Click here.

   … Share stuff with neighbors. Think tools,
camping gear. Click here.

   … Sell your old cell. Click here.

   … Hire lawyers by reverse auction, meaning
they bid for your business. Click here.

   … app: Manage your account for trading
books, music, movies and games. Click here.

   … Financial planning site. Click here.

   … Deals near you. Also apps for iPhone, Android
and Blackberry. Click here.

   … Site's not new, but its Virtual Repairman
is. Click here.

   … Deal aggregator, including daily deals. Click here.

   … Wedding planning service with up to 10
percent cash back. Click here.

   … The site for cheap-but-good stuff
recommends cheap stuff near you, mostly restaurants.
Recommendations also activated by FourSquare check-in if
you're following Cheapism. Click here.



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