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Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

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Buffalo Sabres: In response to Bucky Gleason's column about fighting between the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks, Gregory Wright of Lititz, Pa., replied:

Ever since Rome's vicious hit on Horton, it's been all Bruins, firing on all cylinders. Tim Thomas not only has been strong in net, he doesn't take any crud. Any Canuck who ventures in his crease likely will get knocked on his keister. Thomas has been way better than Robbie Loo in this series.

Boston is playing with a lot of grit and confidence. I'm not a B's fan (still think Chara is a dirty player), but they have shown the resilience and tenacity it takes to be a champion throughout these playoffs.

Michael Martinez of Lakeview added:

Great hockey great. I don't care for the fake high stick contact that seems all the rage, however.

* * *

Reading for a cause: News staff reporter Anne Neville's June 10 piece on Dog Ears Bookstore and Enlightenment Literary Arts Center on Abbott Road in South Buffalo, a nonprofit entity, brought several positive comments, including this from Connie Joyce of Chicago, Ill.:

This bookstore is amazing. It is one of the reasons I am moving back to Buffalo. The idea that you can help, teach and have fun is so simple, yet powerful. I look forward to being able to volunteer my time.

Coleen Hanna of Virginia Beach, Va., answered:

Connie, I am with you. Moving back to Buffalo so many really good things going on and so much more I can contribute there than anywhere else I've lived. The place won't improve without people who care getting out there and digging in.

* * *

Food: News food writer Andrew Z. Galarneau's June 8 article about "Vibrant vegan dishes" brought this appreciative comment from Lydia Bezouhojnacki of Buffalo:

Keep up the good work, educating consumers about the sensational vegetarian/vegan flavors available to everyone. Vegans are a lot more about variety and spice than the public thinks they are. Gone are the days when people think vegans eat brown rice, quinoa, soybeans and all that dull food. The seitan roast with onions, carrots and potatoes is a good step in the direction away from the "whole grain" myth.

We eat everything except animal products.

Um, actually, I occasionally eat eggs, so I'm vegetarian, not vegan -- made a cake last night using three eggs! And then, there's real ice cream -- will not give it up!

Keep those recipes coming!

* * *

Cigarette taxes: News staff reporter Dan Herbeck's June 9 article on a state appeals judge giving the Seneca Nation another a reprieve from the start of state cigarette tax collections brought this from Peter Guido of Buffalo:

How can the state ever move forward on this issue when we have courts offering conflicting rulings at every turn? The only reason that this issue has persisted for years is because of the courts. It seems that our court system is not immune to political pressure and partisan favoritism. Will there ever be a court ruling that stands and finishes this issue?

Cathleen Szczutkowski of Depew contends:

The Seneca Nation or any other Indian Nation in the USA should not have to worry about collecting taxes for New York State or any of the other states. The treaties the federal government gave them should withstand and should not be up to each state to determine what can and cannot be enforced upon their lands. They didn't ask us if it was all right with them to take away their freedoms. Why should they have to continue to ask the courts to uphold them? And for the record I am neither of Native American descent nor do I smoke.

Still, Sal Macaluso of Orchard Park asked:

Start collecting on what? The Senecas and pretty much the rest of the Nations in this state have stopped selling name brands. The state cannot make the Nations charge point-of-sale excise taxes on reservations. New York State, therefore, will not collect on Native brands. So, exactly what is New York State going to collect? Nothing of nothing is nothing. When this charade is finally over, we the taxpayers will find out how many billions were spent in court chasing this rainbow.