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Take a gander

The goslings have hatched.

For nearly a month, a live webcam has recorded the antics of a Canada goose sitting on her nest in a Forest Lawn cemetery urn -- guarded faithfully by a white-tailed deer.

Early Wednesday, the seven eggs were hatched successfully. And about 4 p.m., the mother goose jumped off the urn and coaxed her goslings to the ground, where they fed on the grass near the urn before beginning their walk to the cemetery's Mirror Lake.

The deer had been near the nest all morning, but eventually wandered off and watched from a nearby hill, said Forest Lawn officials, who released photos of the blessed event.

The story attracted widespread interest when it was discovered mother goose's gander -- the male goose that typically guards the nest during incubation -- had flown the coop.

Stepping in as protector was Forest Lawn's resident buck, which has lived in the cemetery for several years. The deer spent hours each day hovering over the urn and watching out for mama and her eggs.

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