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London is in a wedding frenzy

New flags went up, cleaning crews scrubbed down, police checked for explosives, and a handful of die-hard fans were already camping out. Welcome to Westminster Abbey, the ceremonial focus of Britain's royal wedding frenzy.

Scores of police examined the large temporary media structures that have gone up near the venerable abbey in central London, which will offer standing room for the thousands of journalists expected to cover Friday's nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

To enhance security, dozens of bailed anarchists -- arrested in connection with alleged public-order offenses during a protest against government cuts last month -- have been barred from entering the Westminster area, for fear that they may cause trouble, police said.

Workmen also delivered some surprising wedding floral decorations to the abbey. Instead of flowers, five men hoisted an 18-year-old potted maple tree inside. In all, six field maples and two hornbeams will form an "avenue of trees" lining the aisle leading up to the altar.

Streets were being sealed off so hundreds of troops could stage a predawn dress rehearsal this morning.

Police plan to deploy around 5,000 officers to police the royal wedding procession, but Assistant Commissioner Lynne Owens appealed to the public Tuesday to be on guard amid fears that Irish or Islamist extremists could target the ceremony.

"We really need you to be our eyes and our ears," Owens said.

At a prime spot along the wedding route, John Loughrey, 56, a self-described "super-fan" of the late Princess Diana, was already camped out. Wearing a shirt with William and Middleton's photo and the words: "Diana would be proud," he predicted Friday would "be a fabulous, fantastic day."

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